Going on Joe Duffy today - what'll I say?!

Resulting from a very angry text I sent into Radio 1’s Late Debate last night (in which I called George Lee a ‘legend’) I was asked to go on Joe Duffy today to explain why people are so angry out there and what should happen Brian Lenihan for not reading that report.

I’ll probably only have a short time so what points are the best to get across without going too :imp:


Good luck

Call for a general election - things have just gone beyond the beyond now for anything else.

For Joe - you need outrage and despair - he loves a bit of those!


  • outrage at Brian Lenihan acting like a 5 year-old and saying he didn’t do his homework because the dog ate it
  • despair that the mistakes being made will shackle our sons and daughters, and their sons and daughters, to these corrupt banks!

Ask him whether he thinks RTE presenters are worth the outrageous salaries they’re paid.

I think you need to get accross (strongly) that we are not in this position as a result of what is happening globally but as a result of mismanagement by government, the central bank, the regulator. Also what are tantamount to being fraudulent practises by the banks has turned the investment markets against us and made us the laughing stock of international markets and only a wholesale cleanout of government, banks, regulatory bodies along with investigation and prosecution of same will aid Ireland in its economic recovery.

Wow. I have done a lot of media work, but even I wouldn’t have the guts to do Joe Duffy :open_mouth:

I am angry at the listeners of Joe Duffy, the Irish “everyman” who seems to be doing a lot of finger pointing and getting angry, but not owning up to the fact that they were at the centre of this bubble, fuelled it, nurtured it and fought tooth and nail aganist anyone who even dared to speak against it, let alone stop it.

Make the point that the current lot were elected to keep the good times rolling - they have no mandate for what they are doing (so badly) now and must be held accountable for their ineptitude while there is still enough of the country/economy/society left unruined.

Ask why have we not seen the corrupt people involved wearing cuffs today… The Fruad squad should be kicking down doors today because It is critical we give a stong visual statment to the world that Irish people in gerneral do not accept this corrupt cosy cartel which is going on…

Ah now Joe is worth every penny of his salary for his hard work, I mean he does put in nearly a 15 hour week in Montrose, rocks up at 1pm,starts at 1.45pm and is heading back to Clontoooorrfff by 3.15pm to collect the childer!

he loves despair - tell him you are on the edge, like the man who went to Govt buildings today!

Good point, my (Parental) inlaws are in their 70s and just couldnt see how the current shower in power could do anything wrong even when it was being reported in the meeja.
Needless to say many Sunday lunches were avoided as it wasnt worth the waste of breath to tell the truth. Talk about being indoctronised within the church and the party, FFS.


Remind them that we need to borrow money from abroad to pay for nurses and school teachers and ask him if he was a foreign investor would he invest in a country run by this government?

Add a soundbite for the punters listening, that Pat Kenny earns 3 times more than Barrak Obama!!

Ask him why Sean Fitzgerald is still in possession of €87 million euro of taxpayers money for the purposes of his own personal enrichment.

Why is that bollox (um, character) being allowed to get rich or attempt to get rich with taxpayer funds?

Why is the Irish taxpayer continuing to bankroll this man?

CALL IN HIS LOANS. Pass a bill through the Dail to call in his loans if the dweebs and dorks in the Financial Regulator/Dept of Finance can’t figure out a way to do it.

Start sending out a message that deception will not be tolerated or rewarded in Ireland any longer.


“Be the change you want to see in the World”

General election, my arse.

We had a former Taoiseach who says he won money on the horses to explain cash in his bank accounts. The people, voted this man back in. That is Joe Duffy listeners. We had the Galway tent which was an annual two fingers to the Irish people and the people approved. The media were culpable and people like George Lee and David McWilliams were derided for trying to tell the truth. We still have R.T.E giving a platform to people like Liz O’Kane. The folk in Cork, only think it is worth taking to the streets to protest over a hurling team!! The banks did what they wanted and were facilitated in this by the government, the regulator and the chairman of the central bank. However the people who borrowed money were all over 18, they borrowed the money and need to take responsibility for their recklessness, their greed and ultimately who they vote for. One could go on and on but good luck anyway. Joe is only used to dealing with uninformed mugs, he is less sure of himself when dealing with anyone with a brain.

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Classic. :laughing: :laughing:

Does anyone have the figures on how much the gaurentee has cost us so far on the bond spread and if someone could relate that in terms of cervical cancer vacines (10m) and special needs teachers (30K each a year) then the ordinary listener would understand it. Also stress how until people are seen to be prosecuted, seen by the international community we will continue to pay high spreads.

great someone else bitching and moaning on the radio
Knock your self out mate

Election my arse like that would get us anywhere