Going rate for conveyancing?

Looks like my apt is going sale agreed. As a seller, what’s the going rate for conveyancing (Dublin city apartment)?

As far as I can figure out, as a seller I want FAST not GOOD. Can’t see that I have much to loose as long as the solicitor works quickly and the money ends up in my account. Am I right?

Dermot Deane does it for a fixed price, €980 + vat
(Disclaimer: PM for disclaimer reason, Have decided to be more anonymous)

I suppose you could ask about expediting it, but from what I understand the delays tend to be in getting signed contracts back, particularly when there is a chain of buyers. Someone else on here might have more practical experience as I have yet to go through the process myself.

Congratulations on the good news, Evilal. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the sale goes through smoothly and quicky!

Thanks, I’ve dropped him a mail. I’ll tell him RandomAccess sent me!

Appreciate the sentiment. I’ll believe it when the money hits my account!

I would offer then 500+vat no more no less, if they have problem tell them to stick their conveyancing up their hole

Glad you have sold the gaff. Hope the sale goes through. Selling is generally the easier half of the equation from a solicitor’s point of view and should be cheaper - no stamp duty or registration fees to be paid

Know nothing whatever about Mr Deane -but if he does a swift successful job for you for
€980 plus vat and I stress INCLUDING professional fees and ALL OUTLAY ! then you will have done ok.
Anyone serious about having your business will give you that unambiguously in writing- and you should ask for it.

I have done conveyancing for friends and extended family -never indulged in the binge -but titles with apts can be a pain in the arse. Any one doing the job on the terms above will show a modest profit for their work.

Hope any hit you took on the property wasn’t too severe.

LL - thanks for the advice. I figured around a grand is probably as good as I’ll get from what I see on a quick google.

I’ve seen too many places go “Sale agreed” and then fall through to get excited yet…

If you have anyone in particular you would recommend, please PM me.

He overpaid. . . .500 was the correct price my parasitical fiend

Dear Welcome !

Do a lot of conveyancing do you mate ?

  1. I dont. In fact I make a point of no longer doing any at all and yes even in the current climate I am asked to do some from time to time.

  2. Nothing I do in my professional or personal life is ‘parasitical’

  3. You aint my friend.

I think he called you a fiend, not friend. A lawyer who doesn’t read the small print, shocking :smiley:

Gosh your right ! Should I give him the benefit of the doubt and take it as a typo.

As to missing that - I’ll either have myself flogged or shot.

Bu then he did say MY parasitical friend -so on that basis I think I can infer he meant friend.
If not - I aint his fiend either -mrs lawyer has dibs on all my quirks.

I actually read it as friend the first time around myself!

Take out the golden pages and start ringing around. Ask them what they charge for a sale. Tell them someone else says they will do it for €500 and ask if they’d like to better that. If this is yielding no takers then it says to me your gamble is too low & that you need to up it to €600 and start again with a new batch of solcrs. this will tell you for sure what work is involved for the solicitor. Target firms that specialise (used to specialise in conveyancing) as they should be hungriest. No point speculating on what you or I think it’s worth, it’s what you can get it for that matters. Is there 10 hours work from start to finsih @ €50 per hour =€500? I don’t know the answer to this but I presume that’s how solicitors will decide on how low they will go and it’s bread and butter stuff to them - they know exactly how many hours it takes on avge.

I bought recently and couldn’t get lower than €800 plus VAT for prof fees with this approach (plus just over €500 fixed costs on Land registry fees for title transfer which the buyer will pay in your case). As a seller I think you can be less fussy about who does it for you as long as they are quick about it - don’t want the sale to fall though as prices keep falling! You could be kicking yourself in 3 months time if this happens for the sake of a few hundred euro.

what on earth do they charge that much for what is essentially a filing exercise ? Bit robbery-ish, no ?

Agree it’s a total rip-off but this fee goes to land registry and not solicitor so it’s non-negotiable form a fees point of view. Interstingly it does not incur VAT - Wohoo!

no robbery - they need to charge that much just to pay for all the sick leave


That’s not nice. LL is a longtime pinster and always contributes positively to a thread, in my experience.

In your experience . . . . . no more no less . . . .

Found myself in the Roundhall yesterday morning. Generally crowded around 10.45 on Mondays during term… long lists… swish of gowns, heads itchy from horsehair wigs being scratched …rustle of paper and chatter.

Have always had the habit of sniffing the air for that elusive odour. In the past it would sometimes be masked by the smell from the likes of Paddy McEntee’s cheroot or other gaspers. But ultimately the prevailing aroma would emerge triumphant … there it is BULLSHIT!

Nowadays there is no smoking allowed but my routine continues …I sniff , I identify it and I know that there is continuity in the world. Quite reasurring really.

I can of course sometimes find virtual ‘Roundhalls’ even in this esteemed forum. Now what is that whiff I have been getting in here ?

While I hadn’t intended to do so. I will now give a name to Evilal to quote him for what I hope will be a successful transaction for him. Without of course any prejudice to the worthy TWG’s right to offer his undoubted extensive knowledge and experience to our inhouse vendor.

Wow… for a virtual Roundhall that pong has been quite strong of late…