Gold found in old Indian temple … PN20110704

This is the same India with aircraft carriers, a nuclear weapons program a space program and that is a recipient of Irish aid

That bolded part is disgraceful in a country of over 1 billion people.

Hmmm. I’d be interested to see what’s in CJH’s grave. A year’s education budget would go a long way.

Are we sure, really sure, really really sure that there’s nothing under the Rock of Cashel or Glendalough etc?
Possible national dig-out scheme?

I believe we’re perfectly sure that Croagh Patrick has a large amount of gold in it.
Unfortunately getting at it means melting the mountain.

Unfortunately we are where we are:
Desperate Times:
Give pilgrims a shovel rather than a stave - digging can be penance too!
Set up smelter internships to get cheap extraction labour - use timber from ghost estates for fuel - wood recycling internships as well!
Personal and National Salvation all in one!
When its all flattened and the trove of treasure delivered to IMF/ECB or whoever owns the country by then - the plentiful rubble from the ghost estates (and rock recycling interns) can build it all right back good as old!