Goldman denies it made Greek bank sales pitch to China

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then I googled and found this:

trust them lads to up to their bollix in it

found the FT article here: … abdc0.html

possible consequences: … lenews_wsj … sDollarRpt

you guys see today’s spread on Greek debt; new highs vs german bunds; about 3.2% versus 6.7%
YIKES! … nd-yields/

Has a picture too…

worse than that Yogan (6.43%) last time I looked (nearer 6.7%), but my terminal’s having a little hissy fit right now.
markets feel very veeeeeery nervous right now, crash possible.

Funny that when someone comes out and denies that the giant squid is ‘helping’ them all hell breaks loose. It’s almost like mafia fire insurance…

1-month t-bills in the US gone negative? … Lltg&pos=5

668np and 350 spread over the Bund

No mention of Ireland moving then? Plan A seems to be working…

An interesting article on Greece’s bond issuance at The Economist.

Bund spread went from 350bp yesterday to 395bp today

Meanwhile the presidente was saying ‘no surrender’ in Davos. … Ekkxlzg_Bs

Greece, Portugal Debt Concerns Start to Infect Companies, Banks … Xy50afcjuo