Gone sale agreed in Portmarnock

What about the fine china? XD

You moved 15 times in 12 years?I’ll take your word for it.Have you a mobile home? :laughing: Try doing that when you’re in negative equity.All that moving must have been nice for the kids if they had started school! :angry:

Why can’t you have all of that stuff in a rented house? I have art work, photos, books, furniture, my comic collection, I have a nice garden with plants, salad, berries and a swing. I don’t have kids so they don’t have need rooms, but my dogs are super fond of their crate. As a kid I lived in 3 different rental homes until shortly before I turned 8, and guess what? I never even knew they were rentals, they were just home, when my parents bought a house it didn’t feel any different. So it takes children quite a long time to understand where they live, families provide stability, not houses. My home is my home and I love the place, especially my garden. Sure there are some things I’d change it was mine, but I’m at a place now where not having a mortgage is just about the best thing in the world. And it’s not about not having a duty to make monthly payments my landlord still expects paying. I owned a house but I feel a lot more at home where I am now. And we have the freedom to live in the way that owning a mortgaged house in a falling market would have prevented us from doing.

I had no idea I was only living half a life? I can only imagine what x2 my life would be like!

Look on the brightside, the great thing about negative equity is never having to worry about moving!! [Unless you can’t sweat the monthly nut, in that case back to half-life misery of undecorated renting again :frowning: ]

I theoretically love the idea of selling up and renting. It would make economic sense. But, in practice, renting repels me. I personally find - maybe it’s a touch of SAD?- most colour schemes in Irish rental houses depressing to the point where I would find it a psychological strain living in a dark dreary house for two years. Our climate is so dull and dreary in winter that cream walls and brown walnut flooring - no matter how tasteful - get to me on a psychological level. And I wouldn’t want bright blues or greens either.

Some of my single friends, when outlining the characteristics they seek in an attractive partner, mention looks. Others, it’s the personality that’ll attract them and looks don’t get a mention at all.

I suppose, at the end of the day, we are all different. Each to his or her own, I suppose.

I agree with your premise, freedom is a state of mind and should not neccessarily be a state of renting/owning status…but this thing about the china… :question: whats that about…

It’s a porcelaine dining set for 12 by Villeroy and Boch. Needs a bloody large cupboard. Don’t want to be moving around with that. :slight_smile:

It spent some time in storage. That’s a pity, I love using it.

If I one may be so bold to ask, where on earth does one keep ones after-dinner sherries when in between properties?

I put sherry IN the dinner.

A dash of it is nice in Risotto, for instance.

Getting back to the OP…Your friends are big enough and bold enough to make their own decisions… but that house would have been bought 30ish years ago by a single wage earning engineer / bank official / accountant…675,000 is a big multiple of 2, say, accountant’s salaries…what happened that turned Portmarnock from aspirational middle class to des res suburb? Dart is a somewhat dangerous walk away…School has good rep, but what school attended by children of engineers / bank officials / accountants wouldn’t have a high 3rd level output? Beach is no Copacabana, but each to their own

Personally, I’m renting after stepping off late 2007…I think anyone buying at the minute, especially with the copious amount of Economic coverage in the meeja, is pretty foolish. And yes, the mother in me yearns for ‘no place like home’ but renting is a hardship I’m willing to bear if it means we can give our kids a comfortable upbringing

Good luck to your friends