Good resources online for Irish landlords?

Are there any good resources online for Irish landlords? It’s not something we really discuss much on this site!

Any message board with a landlord section with tips etc.?

I’m considering going down that road in the future but want to do my due diligence.

Especially interested in what expenses are deductible from rental income e.g.
-I see PRTB registration is covered but property tax isn’t
-I know for furniture and any exenses enhancing the property you only get capital allowancw of 12.5% per year so 8 years to claim it all back vs painting which deducts off this years bill
-100% of mortgage interest is deductible

If you buy a house that needs say 20K before you can rent it, are those costs incurred pre letting allowable?

I’d be looking to see if the sums add up for rental income less expenses and mortgage or else what’s the point.

Leases would be another big thing. Do people use a standard one you get online (where?) or have a solicitor draw one up?
have a read of this first.
Being a landlord is not something you should take on lightly
It is no longer a licence to print money on an ever increasing asset,as some landlords think it should be.
Also (and this is not directed at you ) but tenants have rights and some landlords disagree with this
I/we used to have 3 rental properties that washed their faces and then a bit but as I am retiring this year we got out a couple of years ago as its not worth the hassle
I would go with a solicitor for a lease ,the online ones are too generic

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There are other ways to make money - shares and stock market are far less hassle and a lot more liquid.

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