Goodbye nutty Dublin housing market; Hello Cork

As the title suggests, I’m now out of the Dublin housing market. Been very turned off by the change to upward prices since 2011.

Even as prices were at their lowest, I was a bit off before being able to buy in Dublin. Now I am totally priced out of the market.

That being the case, and a deep set need not to have to be counting the penneys for the next 30 years, I have accepted a job offer in Cork.

Sure there were other factors like wanting a short commuting time and better quality of life. But many big decisions stem from your location and that is determined by what you can afford.

I have now gone from looking at houses I could never afford, to similar houses in nice Cork suburbs beginning with high 200s to mid 300s.

The more bang you get for your buck is sizeable. I’ll be going on the same wage but it will feel like a promotion when you determine the cheaper cost of living.

Is anyone else contemplating such a move away from Dublin?

Well done Jackal - nice to see a move against the trend and its just reward in getting a normal place at a normal price.
I once worked in Limerick, paid half in rental for a place twice as nice and just as handy as any Dublin equivalent; and thoroughly enjoyed it.
If the job had lasted I’d probably be there yet - our Dub centred economic model has a lot to answer for alright.
Will you be meeting DiscoStu?

Cheers. Must work out which members are Cork based. I’d be interested in putting up some houses on WIW as a sounding board

Been running rss news feeds on daft and myhome for 18 months or so for areas I like in Cork - namely Ballintemple, Ballinlough, Blackrock and surroundings. Not much stock, like most places but emough to keep me intrigued.

May buy in 2014 or perhaps use the cheaper rent to bump up my deposit and buy late 2015

I’m starting this process at the moment. Haven’t done an interview for 10 years.
Rains a bit more Cork

Best of luck. I hadn’t done any interviews in 6 years. Bit nerve-wracking

My years in Dublin have shown me it rains less in Dublin than Cork, but Dublin is colder

Less rain in Cork though than Limerick or Galway

I’m also considering it as an option. I was actually favouring a move abroad but the wife appears to have cold feet over that.

Job opportunities are limited for me in Galway, otherwise I’d probably look to there first. But I’d consider Limerick or Cork, both of which are live possibilities.

Did it a year ago (to Leitrim) - haven’t looked back since

Is there such a place as outside Dublin?
You’d never know it when paying attention to the media

Houses and rent in Limerick are very cheap for anyone who has lived in Dublin. If Galway wasn’t an option, living Clare side of Limerick could be an option for you.

Once that Gort-Tuam road is built many will be tempted to commute Galway to Limerick I’d say.

Sweet Merciful Hour… that’s all corkonians need.

How long before Cork EA’s are spouting about a new cohort (the mot du jour i have noticed) of buyers fleeing Dublin prices / cashing in on Dublin recovery and looking for value in southern capital?

I’d give it a week…

Congrats TheJackal!

We just did the same thing! Mrs JammyB took a job in Cork, and I kept mine with 3 days working from home. We’re renting a 4 bed suburban detached for the price of our 2 bed in Dublin. Will buy a nice big house with a nice big garden in a nice suburb next Spring.

Best of luck (and don’t be getting into no bidding wars with me next Spring) :wink:

Thanks TheJackal, definitely nerve-wracking alright

It has rained a lot since we got back. It’s noticeable. Far more pubs have fires though, which is ample compensation :wink:

Yes and have been for about a year. I’m stuck in Dublin completing a postgrad at the moment but the plan is to move to Cork. There are a couple of reasons relating not just to property but to lifestyle.

So yeah, in about 12 months time, I hope to be doing the same. Not especially looking forward to the practical aspects of moving but…

From Cork and now own in Cork. Barring something extraordinary happening (bailout 2), I don’t see too much downside to current prices with some scope for an upwards bounce a la Dublin.

Really think it is extraordinary the standard of life improvement living in Cork compared to Dublin and the additional money that would be required to live a comparative lifestyle.

It is definitely something I would recommend considering for anyone who can make the transition. I get the impression that Galway prices are higher and I’m not sure if Limerick is a place I’d like to live long term - but that might be bias…

When that road is built I will definitely be considering commuting to Galway.

If you are making a move why would anyone factor in a long commute - surely as close as possible to your work is always the way to go if you have that option.

Fair point.

I was thinking more in Owenm’s case of living near Limerick if that’s where your job was and motorway being handy for seeing family in Galway (if the case may be)

But if you’d already bought in Limerick/Clare and then a job came up in Galway, the commute option is always nice to have…

It’s the comparatively small professional, executive and senior public sector class. Sure there are such folks in Cork, but they live in trophy homes, not 4 bed semi-ds. This makes the market for for 4 bed semis and 4 bed detached your average 5-15yrs experience IT/Pharma types and experienced civil servants, teachers etc.

Moving down to Cork has definitely moved us a couple of rungs up the social ladder in terms of where we can afford to live, and being able to afford things like private education for kids is no longer a concern (though you need it less in Cork, as there are plenty of good public schools in the suburbs we can afford to live in). There’s a well recognized university which even keeps the third level costs down.

The uptick in Dublin might have been a blessing in disguise, as we just said “fuck this for a game of soliders”, the potential for career growth just doesn’t provide right now what Cork can. We looked around the Dublin market one more time this spring/summer and said “not for us”.

Primarily it’s proximity to friends and family that’s the biggest quality of life benefit though, but it doesn’t hurt that I’m 10 minute drive from town, a 10 minute drive from the airport, or a tenner in a taxi to either. I’m looking forward to our first meal out in Cork with taxis food and wine coming in under a hundred quid! :smiley:

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While having no truck with Freemanism we do accept that the Lough is indeed the centre of the universe.
Interesting thoughts if I was living in Dubland and did get the offer of a comparable job in Cork I would move in Heart prices are way better value it’s a more relaxed city and most of the schools are good Public and private. The great thing for me is I can be in West Cork in under an hour from my side of the city. Anyway congrats to Thejackal and Jammy. I’m not Drinker or pub person in the city but a trip tj Moccs on Bandon Road just above Lennoxs may be in Order.Now let’s begin our grammar…this is selt phonetically " I went to Kingsale wit me cousint and we had hang. Sang witches and some Tanora 'twas the holly on the berries"

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