Google extends work-from-home order to summer 2021


According to CNBC: “The change will affect “nearly all” of Google’s 200,000 employees, including contractors and full-time workers”. Link from CNBC is here:


What happens to all the new office space and apartments coming on stream in Dublin?


From what I understand the new offices being built by Google and Facebook in the city were going to be primarily occupied by their existing staff working in leased space in other parts of the city, so I think there was going to be over-supply of office space even before Covid-19 and the acceleration of remote working due to their previously leased office spaces coming back into the market in the next 12-24 months.


Also, the initial FF/FG programme for government stated “the framework also seeks to mandate public sector employers, colleges and other public bodies to move to 20% home and remote working in 2021.”, so this policy alone was going to have an impact on the demand for office space in the next few years, Covid-19 or no Covid-19. The link is here:


Obvious in 2014 that there was an over build of office space in the city. I joked at the time that they’d be turned into apartments or living spaces.


Shape of things to come in Dublin IMO


True plus it looks like the hoped for jobs dividend and the demand for all that office space from a hard Brexit won’t come to fruition as it seems all those decisions have already been made and they’ve decided on continental Europe for their locations.


Maybe Google is hedging here, apart from being a “lock step” participant, it still has to provide utility to the agenda by remaining alive and intact - therefore, maybe Google is waiting to see if it is to be scattered to the wind post anti-trust proceedings, then everyone will have an idea if they have a job or not, and if so where it might end up being.

Maybe anti-trust does not happen that fast, or they are fingers crossed, hoping Trump admin is not the next admin.