Google set to dump Carroll for new HQ

Google set to dump Carroll for new HQ - Neil Callanan → … or-new-hq/

I do remember some 'pinsters predicting that Mr. Carroll would regret forcing them to take extra space/usings them as a ping-pong in one of his planning schemes. No?

I wonder will they move over the road to the new Montevetro. Apparently their current offices are a bit cramped and unsuitable. Given its huge floorplate, Montevetro would be very keen to get Google as a tenant so as to avoid being an empty shell.

If Google move away from the area, O’Carroll may be hit twice - many of the people renting in the Alliance building in the Gasworks, which he still owns, work in Google, and might be tempted to move out to be nearer to work (and take advantage of declining rents). So if Google do move out of his office buildings, having them move into Montevetro might be the least worst option for him.

Does anyone have any more details on his previous negotiations with Google? (Someone suggested he strongarmed them into taking more space and now it’s payback time).


One specific mention:

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I wonder what kind of deal Google will get six years later?

That 40,000 square feet is going to be very empty in a few months!

Aha, here is more info (I’m linking to Archiseek rather than the Pin because I can link to individual posts there - can we get that functionality added to the Pin?). At one point, O’Carroll shoehorned a non-existent desire on the part of Google to expand into planning permission to turn his Gasworks Alliance building into a hotel: … stcount=22

I’d say Google weren’t impressed by this and it probably plays a part in the above story. Typical of a cute Irish hoor to think he could pull a fast one on the Yanks.

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