Google Trends

Google Trends results for the term ‘property’ in Ireland.

Looks like the property fixation continues to wane.

And Northern Ireland

Another pronounced fall in searches for ‘property’ that mirrors the bust in the North’s housing market.

Interesting that the news refrences are going up, but not at the same rate of increase.

Recession: … all&sort=0

Cork higher traffic than Dublin.

Debt … l&date=all

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Australia … l&date=all

Estate Agents


The Property Pin … l&date=all

Tried with spaces too, no joy. The masses haven’t discovered us yet. Either that or they know where to go straight away without googling :wink:

Google trends is a very handy little tool… … all&sort=0

Things of note:

Property searches have dropped dramatically.

This years budget has seen more interest than any of the past recorded budgets by a large margin, and interestingly, last year’s budget was the one people ignored, I wonder does that point to last year’s Christmas being the ‘last splash’?

Searches for porn have been consistently increasing, with Christmas time being a big spike, which is a bit weird! Also, over a third of all porn searches are in Polish. => Begs the question, is porb recession proof!?

Recession has only entered peoples minds this year, but the budget has caused a massive spike in that too.

all them tsudents in maynooth make it the porn surfin capital !!! woohoo … all&sort=0

I came to the 'pin with the search “Irish property bubble” way back when I just suspected there was one!