Gormley claims this came like a "meteorite out of the blue"

Jesus wept

this man is a fuckwit

A loss of sovereignty “could be difficult”.

Guess he missed the memo.

Greens are all over the place and they all seem to have adopted the, “let me be clear” interjection.

Gormley is now blaming the previous administration… like you had your eyes closed. :unamused:

Come to Jesus, John! Come to Jesus!

Admits he will not be in the next Government.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Jeez John - ya think? Classic.

John obviously isn’t aware that you can see meteorites coming from enormous distances, … if you are looking in the right place !!! Not to mention that they come around regular as clockwork.

That was the problem. The bastards couldn’t be bothered looking :imp:

“We did a reasonable job”
Give me strength.You were being paid to do a fucking great job.

I have a beautiful soothing image of Gormley and Ryan on a couple of penny bicycles, cycling off the edge of the Cliffs of Moher. Lovely. Will hold that and sleep well.

If it is so much in the national interest to pass the budget, why did the Greens destroy the coalition? FF lickspittles to the end.

Re the national interest, timing of the election, delaying the budget, etc, etc.

Is there a third option here that nobody has discussed - a temporary FG/Lab government silently supported by the Greens? If the Greens switch sides, there’s no need for an immediate election, right? They agree to support FG/Lab, FG/Lab get on with the budget for Dec 7th, and then we have an election early next year to “legitimise” what we already know - that FG/Lab will form the next government.

I guess the only thing we don’t know is which party will lead the government. If we went with current seats, FG would lead but Labour do fancy their chances at being the larger party after the election.

God, the Greens might actually get some credit for doing that… provided they keep their gobs shut and just vote with FG/Lab.

Better to keep the loons out of it. Too much chance of expensive pork.

Let FG/Lab silently shape the budget and then FF agree not to oppose it.

But Labour don’t want to be the ones to have to make 6 bn in cuts. They would rather be on the sidelines saying only 4.5 bn is required when it is clear that the deal on the table from the IMF is 6 bn this year, 3:1 split.

I just dont understand why we cant have a government that will last for the majority of a ‘4 year plan’.

The present elected dail can theoretically sit for another 18 months, however if it lasted 4 years one could say that it had a good innings.

We’ll have a defacto national govt after the election, FF wont be much of an opposition.

I know John no-one saw this coming … :sick:
Maybe we should blame that fella in Astronomy Ireland the guy living in Tallaght, who found that exploding star a few weeks back, maybe he should have spotted this meterorite from his barna shed in the back garden, if he hadnt been so busy looking for pulsars.

the price of Oil has fallen because of the Greens! oh the irony

Oil Falls as Irish Election Call Weakens Euro Against Dollar
Nov. 23 (Bloomberg) – Oil fell in New York as concern an election in Ireland may hinder the country’s financial bailout boosted the dollar against the euro.
Futures extended yesterday’s 0.3 percent decline as the dollar strengthened for a second day against the euro, limiting the appeal of riskier assets such as commodities. Ireland called elections amid disaffection with the country’s bailout plan, raising concern that Europe’s debt crisis will spread, crimping economic growth and reducing fuel demand.
“Besides Ireland, people are worried about Spain and Portugal so oil futures are following the focus on the euro zone,” said Victor Shum, a senior principal at consultants Purvin & Gertz Inc. in Singapore. “Any financial trouble would slow down the economic recovery and could impact fuel demand.”
Crude for January delivery fell as much as 84 cents, or 1 percent, to $80.90 a barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. It was at $81.32 at 3:17 p.m. Singapore time. Earlier, the contract advanced as much as 0.4 percent to $82.10. Futures have gained 2.5 percent this year.
The dollar rose as much as 0.7 percent today against the 16-nation euro to $1.3527. The Dollar Index, used by IntercontinentalExchange Inc. to track the greenback against currencies including the yen and Swiss franc, also increased for a second day, gaining as much as 0.4 percent.