Gormley & The Poolbeg Incinerator

It the project stalls due to the failure of the minster to issue the licence and the company wins damages from the council, could John Gormley be held personnally liable for losses to the irish taxpayer?


It would seem to me that if he knowingly causes multi-million losses to the state that he should be held liable.

+1 On that score, currently what he seems to be doing looks like an abuse of power.

What I don’t get is he and his fellow greenies back one incinerator (the money burner that is NAMA) but is doing his damnedest to stall an incinerator for rubbish.

I’d also like to see the numbnuts on the Council that signed the dumb deal ,which forces us to pay money to the owners of this thing if we don’t give them enough rubbish, held personally responsible. I thought PPP’s were about risk sharing. This whole business has been a political plaything from the beginning and the company involved have played them all like fish. Presumably that it’s all coming out in the open now they waon’t even have to pay the bribes.

Ah, you didn’t really. I don’t believe you.

dublin council has contracted to supply 320K tonnes of waste per year to covanta. Yet they are rapidly losing waste customers to the private more efficient operators such as panda and greenstar who have no intention of using the incinerator. The council is now planning to buy in waste from around the country and burn it in dublin. How does it make sense to collect all of a country’s waste and burn it in the capital city? would you not at least float it up to Greenore or some other depopulated place by the border and burn it there where the toxins and dioxins would blow into norn iron on the prevailing wind?

If its priced properly the private contractors will use it. Otherwise they have to transport waste out of the capital, as all the dumps in Dublin are due to be shut down (possibly already shut).

You should check out the emmission controls on one of these plants before you worry about the pollution, I believe there is alot worse coming out of the cars on the Capital’s roads than would come out of an incinerator.

Incinerators are found in many European cities. One of the main issues always muttered some where in the debate is dioxins. The fact of the matter is unregulated burning in backgardens of rubbish creates way more of same.

If the greens were really all for the environment, they would support nuclear power.

Lets all break the habit of a lifetime here and be just a tad cynical for a moment.

The only thing that could possibly give Gormley a snowball’s chance in hell of being re-elected in Dublin South-East would be to prevent the incinerator being built there. Maybe this is his own personal deal and Government breaker and perhaps an election may not be that far away.

Very good point LL. His only hope for re-election is if he stops the incinerator and even at that I wouldn’t give him much hope.

There should be no incinerator and John Gormley should be held up on high as a true patriot.

To quote Samuel Johnson “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”. He dosen’t mind sticking dumps into North County Dublin for Toothless Trevor to deal with amongst other issues he has been useless at dealing with under his watch :sick: .

We also must remember that his constituents have been putting up with the smell of Millions of Tonnes of Types 1-7 from the Bristol Stool Chart (I won’t gratuitously re-post the chart) for the last 5 years or so. They are not happy campers.

A number of things seem obvious here.

The Yanks have already talked to their own lawyers and to Biffo’s bunch long before their public wail today.

If they were serious about what they are saying i.e.loss of jobs —yawn— then they could have Judicially Reviewed Gormley’s action or rather inaction long before now.
Admittedly they would probably get leave during the Vacation but certainly not a full Hearing -so any effective legal action is unlikely before Christmas.

So what advice have they got from lawyers or Biffo and why all this posturing at the end of July? I think this project is dead and these guys are doing a bit blame-gaming and face-saving.

As for anyone costing the taxpayer money on this one -it is not up to any toss-pots in Dublin Corporation or anywhere else to spend public money in order to make this project viable for a private shit disposal company.

If the project is already dead then the yanks will sue, and in my opinion, they will win. The damages will have to be paid either by the council or the department of the environment, either way by the taxpayer.

I believe this project is viable, the energy produced is worth money as is the disposal of garbage.

The rubbish has to go smewhere - either to landfills in Kildare, Meath & Wicklow or to an incinerator.

NOI but it might be worth reading a little about incinerators before making sweeping statements - there’s one in the heart of Vienna and I guarantee you that you’d be hard pressed to know it unless someone pointed it out.

It’s not a new concept for real European cities.

I think you forgot the sarcasm smiley

Austria is well experienced in the design of incinerators and basements. Spittelau incinerator is genius: take a normal incinerator and cover it in sparkly stuff: hey presto! a tourist attraction. Lots of people visit Auschwitz too.

You can’t polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter:

If covanta want to build a furnace in Dublin with capacity for 6000,000t of rubbish and they can get through the regulatory hoops, then fair enough but why would the state guarantee to provide them with a certain quantity of rubbish every year?

Checkmate Minister !

About time too. Did either Gormless or the Buffalo have the decency to meet the American Ambassador I wonder ?