Gorse Lodge, Gorse Hill, Dalkey (-205k, -16%)

Gorse Lodge, Gorse Hill, Dalkey was asking €1,295,000

irishpropertywatch.com/viewS … ite=myhome

now asking €1,185,000
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/219399

representing a drop of €110K or 8.5%

€1,185,000 / 1323 sq ft = €895 per sq ft. Still way over priced!

At €500 per sq ft, price would be more like €650,000. I think this woulod be a fair price for this house. There is no real garden, small bedrooms, no ensuite in the rather small master, only one common room and it’s an upsidedown house. Although it might have some nice views, its kind of built on a weird lot, the immediate area seems like a construction yard. This house must have been carved out of someones existing back garden.

Dalkey remains a ridiculously overpriced area. Who in their right mind would pay this sort of money for this sort of place in late 2010?
A fool and their money is easily parted…
Prices in places like Dalkey need to catch up with the rest of Dublin and dramatically reduce the asking no mind the selling prices.
Prices went up first in Dalkey. The received wisdom is that they will fall harder in Dalkey than any other location in the city.
Wait till the reposessions on the rental property start happening and then watch the prices here tumble fast and furiously

now €1,090,000
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/219399

was €1,185,000
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/219399

drop of 95K

Still overpriced

Sale agreed - any idea what it went for?
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/219399

Gorse Hill has a familiar ring about it.

Didn’t a piece of rocky outcrop fetch great money there in recent years?
I believe Pat Kenny may have splashed out on a bit. :mrgreen:

Pat’s rock is the other side of Dalkey :angry:

and isn’t a wc directly off the kitchen in contravention of building regs?