Gospel according to Matthew

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Hopeful stuff. Let us hope it is not tokenism.

I’m afraid it is just tokenism. He will be sidelined the moment they no longer need him to the placate the ECB and Brussels. He is tolerated at the moment by those in power as little more than a necessary evil and will be tossed over board at the first opportunity. Nothing has changed.

Well anything is better than that incompetent Neary’s “avoid scandals at all costs” method of regulation.

True…but this will just be a short intermission until normal service is resumed…

The Neary way has been the normal operating practice since the foundation of the state. Its going to take more than a bankrupted banking system to make a permanent change in the way things work. The same people are still in charge.

I wonder if they’ll try to frame him for the future introduction of property taxes, “them furrriers are making us do it…”

I don’t know who the decrepit panel on Marian Finucane today were, but in the bit I heard there was general chat of the tone “jeepers, I didn’t know you could trust a foreign chappie, especially with money” sort. That and the “if only there was more con-fidence, we’d all be better off”, especially those with formerly million pound red-bricks in the ‘nice’ areas, one presumes.