By the power of the pin I give you

This site didn’t happen overnight. Tom Parlon & Government have had this well planned. Supposedly the heads of finance in Local authorities got the into after the budget, with instructions to make sure there’s plenty of copies of the info for distribution tomorrow morning.

The Media are welcome to break it to the masses but make dam sure you can spell the website address or give us a plug.

Right. This will give us all the info we need to take our case to the EU. Does any techie out there know how to save the information contained on it?

Have they even tried to give a rational as to why this is only for newly built properties?

There doesn’t seem to be a limit on the borrowers salaries!!!
I thought this was AH

“have proof of being unsuccessful in securing a sufficient mortgage from a bank or building society to buy a home.”

sub-prime all the way…

Who can apply?
To qualify for a Home Choice Loan applicants must:

be a first time buyer (some exceptions may apply);
earn more than €40,000
be in permanent employment for two years; If self-employed be able to submit two years certified accounts;
have proof of being unsuccessful in securing a sufficient mortgage from a bank or building society to buy a home

The last one cracks me up! What next?

It is there in bold print that this breaks the EU State Aid rules!!!

This site domain was registered on 11th September… … e&x=29&y=9

they had this planned before the current crisis.

Maybe the next big thing will be counterfeit refusal letter from banks.

To qualify for the loan you “must earn more than 40K”… no upper limit specified.
Why is this only targetted to those on above average earnings?

Is someone capturing this data?
This is dynamite!!
We have time. The website states that full details will not be available for a number of weeks.

WHOIS info:

Site registered on the 11th September.

Edit: Dammit. Just used wget to scrape the generated HTML and have a looksee. You never know when some arrogant junior programmer will leave his name and company in HTML comments, so we could find out who actually built the site, so the journalists could ask them when the project started.

Sadly, nothing. It was done in .Net though, which is about what I’d expect from this Government |O

Earn 40,000 ,so you can get 7 times your wage,shocking ,sub-prime all the way , ,second hand market is fucked now!


Absolutely scandalous !

And anti-competitive to boot. I hope Europe looks into this. It is blatant state aid for a particular section within a particular of sector of the economy.

I’m gob smacked.

Brilliant I wish I had thought of that. Brilliant!

I feel sick.


Home Choice Loan - “An Official Government Website” ?!

That’s surreal. Who writes “An Official Government Website” on a website?

Which means the green party knew exactly about this all along.

That would be the government…