Government complained to Jim Power employer: Tribune … -employer/

Better start practicing that right arm salute and the ‘Seig Heil’.

What a grubby, cheap little banana republic we live in. Romantic Ireland truly is a long time dead and gone.

This is a trend that seems to have developed under Cowen, though maybe that is just due to the fact that the shit is getting shittier under his reign.

Unfortunately, it’s always been here. Just look at the sacking of the entire RTÉ authority in the 70s, and their replacement by hacks more susceptible to peddling the government line - a single act worthy of any Latin American tinpot dictatorship.

Now, now, it’s not as though they have dedicated staff to monitor all the media, anymore.

tTaoiseach to scrap his ‘Big Brother’ media monitoring uni

they said they got rid of unit (and we all know how easy it is to remove civil servant functions from within an department).

Blue Horseshoe

They are just talking the lead from Dubai:

  1. unsustainable property bubble
  2. build in the middle of the desert rather than where people actually live
  3. suppress all negative media comment.

If only we had a soverign wealth fund though.

We did, it was called a surplus on tax revenue we were running for years, but obviously the developers needed it more than we did so the government gave it away. Also the social partners needed it so Bertie gave them some and the members of the IMO complained on the radio that €240,000 salary per year was “chicken feed” even though they were earning more than 60-80% more than their colleagues in France and Germany so they got some.
We needed 13 billion a year for quangos etc and TDs needed a raise and expenses and cars and drivers and helicopters with no doors and a FF minister was wrong on TV when he said the cost of using a helicopter was only 3% more than it was if it were idle when in effect I believe I heard it was 47% (bit of a difference).
Biffo needed a raise to a bigger salary than OBama (case hes worth it) :unamused:

So a soverign fund? We could have had a continental fund if the pigs had kept their snouts out of the trough.

The Dept of Finance official was presumably raising the issue as to whether Power was representing a unit of an European financial group or himself in making a perceived unfair statement?

As a financial services economist, Jim Power is inevitably selective in his targets for public criticism.

His public role is to get PR for his employer/himself, not as a consumer champion.

The Dept should query issues where there is a perceived exaggeration etc.

If RTE management, newspaper editors or financial firms are spineless, it doesn’t follow that the Govt is attacking freedom of speech.

Come on, you don’t see this as the dept. trying to exert pressure over somebody who is not towing their specific line. Where were these discrete (or not so) phone calls when economists from most institutions were helping to drive this country over a cliff. These guys have zero credibility and should be treated as such.

All this does is give Jim Power the kind of credability that can’t be bought.

The government can’t do PR despite all the money they spend on PR.
Why are they still in place making decisions about important stuff?