Government forced to raise $ and £ funds for Anglo

who would have caused the reputational damage?

the begruding tayto eating public, perhaps?

If the government is forced to borrow money on behalf of the banks will this have to be added to the national debt?
And what is the banks funding schedule like?

It seems so.
But sure that’s just fine. Those thieves, cause there ain’t no better word for a person who takes somthing without paying for it, will line their pockets with the moneys allotted to the National Debt. There all such a crowd of chancers, the politiians, the bankers, the developers. These are the current profiteers of this new world. Time to rout them out. Every chance you get. Even at your local branch it’s time to complain directly to those persons on the counter about how you feel about this rubbish. People on the inside of these organizations have an opportunity to do somthing about this massive swindle.

Does it matter.
Sure in the end it will all be added to the tax burden of the 1/3 of the population who keep working in this country and trying to do an honest days wage while the rest get away with high treason.