Government halts up to 80 major road schemes - IT

I bet a lot of these schemes have safety implications.

How many families will be bereaved and affected as a direct consequence of the governments prioritisation of developers over prudence? :frowning:

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Would you care to say if there is any part of my post that you consider wrong in fact or opinion?

I think bluesberry is making a valid point, jess

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My key point is this; that economic mis-management has a wide range of cost consequences- human as well as financial. those human costs themselves range from curtailed leisure activities to- yes- fatalities. Witness the choice made on the cervical cancer vaccination. Road fatalities are another aspect of it.

These human costs are part of the opportunity costs of not having done the right thing.

Anyone see the dead hand of the greens on this one?? I bet they will be whispering to their supporters they have finally scupered road building in this country but in true talking out of both sides of their mouth they will do nothing about Tara motorway.

Ireland is different, we cut back on infrastructure projects, cut back on spending and increase taxes, it’s called ‘bail-in’!

several posters on this site have pointed out repeatedly that Government spending shouldn’t be cut during a recession as it just makes things worse. I believe it is referred to as counter-cylical spending. I read somebody else refer to it as “leaning into the bust”. Cutting this infrastructure spending is a stupid idea. This is the very time to increase or at least maintain public infrastructure spending. The builders desperately need the business and we can help soften the blow for them while at the same time we should be able to get them to cut the legs from under each other for the jobs so we get new infrastructure (that we desperately require) at bargain prices. But this is FF so that isn’t going to happen.

Jesus lads square the shagging circle… You have DE going apocalpytic with the rest of yis on the Budget 2009 thread asking where we are going to get €25bn and I have been telling yis all till I’m blue in the face, start with a smaller figure cos we are never going to spend close to 2006/07/08 levels ever again…

You might want to maintain infrastructure spending but it won’t and indeed, cannot happen…

We have until 2013 now to get the house back somewhat in order and we’ll get to that situation probably where anyone working is paying an extra 10k tax but it’ll be done over that timeframe, spending for the high jump in the interim.

well r0ck3r is always saying how we should maintain public spending through lending if necessary. Now he always equates public spending to public sector wages AFAICT. I agree that the government should attempt to spend in a counter-cyclical manner but disagree that public-sector wages shouldn’t be cut - I think they should be cut. This is an example of the public spending that I think should be maintained because I think it would be much more helpful overall.

And all I’ve ever talked about is the overall budget.

You’re the ones who are fixated on one or the other. And wages have been cut! What on earth is the levy, it’s not going to fund future pensions so is therefore free money to be redistributed… You might prefer a bald pay cut but think a little bit about determinism for the love of jaysus…

I don’t really care whether they cut spending on roads or not. What bugs me is that cutting roads is easy, will they make the difficult cuts too?

Are they cutting roads so that they don’t have to tackle the gross overspending on having to many unionised public sector workers collectively drawing too big a wage bill. We can’t afford the level of spending that Bertie handed out to buy peace and quiet as he made is assult on Dev’s record as longest serving Taoiseach.

Roads don’t strike.

There are intelligent ways of spending money on infrastructure. It’s insane that at the same time that we have builders out of work we also have school children being taught in rented portacabins. The rental costs of those portacabins would in many cases more than cover a mortgage sufficient to build new school buildings. Save money in the long run, provide better facilities to schools and provide employment to builders when it’s needed.

The portacabins scam has gone on so long and cost so much that I’m convinced at this stage that someone with decision making power is making a fortune by keeping this scandal going. I actually hope it’s corruption, because that idea that something like this can survive for decades based on stupidity alone really scares me.


If I can find the Garda report, I’ll post it,
but from memory over 90%, yes thats right over 90% of accidents are caused by human error, not by the standard of the roads or by faulty cars.
In other words, we should educate people first how to use the roads before we build the roads!

I certainly don’t want to be drawn into another discussion regarding public-sector pay. In my own mind I’ve already decided that whatever will be will be. I expect that eventually the government will be forced to axe lots of frontline jobs (and overtime and various perks) while leaving swathes of useless deadwood untouched so that nobody will be happy except the people who are friends with the right people who will be earning excellent wages to do f*ck-all.

What I am saying is what daltonr has already drawn out better than I did. This is not the time to cut infrastructure spending when we can finally get some value from the builders. Ireland’s infrastructure is very creaky compared to other countries. Lets use the builders current weakness to negotiate with them from a position of strength instead of them allowing them to cream it off us as they’ve done for years. And at the same time it could be a form of builders dole. Instead of having them on the dole doing nothing they can earn some money doing work that needs to be done. In time some of them will presumably get work in other areas and the construction sector can shrink in a less painful manner.


The last road upgrade in this country for the next 10 - 15 years.

Enjoy it Kerrynorth, if you are still living down there :smiley:

Yep, newlands x even before the cutbacks was taken off.

Don’t forget though, N3, N6 N7,N8,N9 are all in-progress, only a couple of months till Fermoy-Mitchelstown.

I’m wondering about really big ticket items like Metro N and the Interconnector, Greens will fight hard for them