Government ignored repeated warnings that €75m housing scheme would increase price



Seeing as this once was a property discussion site, as sure as night follows day:



It’s like firs time buyer grants

Give them 30K for a new build, price of new builds goes up by 30K

Give them 100K shared equity loan, prices go up 100K


the builders



This may actually increase supply as the cost of building after land purchase is so high now that they need the extra 100K to build in major urban areas

But zero increase in affordable housing


In other words the ‘market’ is reliant on artificial supports…and still activity remains at historically low levels…unemployment at unprecedented levels…we’ve been here before…


Once again Govt not looking at what’ stopping supply side, just looking at end price and tinkering with payments.

Land costs, local council fees, etc have still not be touched. Baffling really

And they made costs higher with the A2 min BER requirement for new builds from 2021…


When did Sinn Fein become the “Sensible Party”? :thinking:

SF reckon their voters won’t benefit from this scheme so SF can be economic realists here i.e. say it will merely push house prices up further by pumping money into the market without increasing supply. This scheme is aimed at young middle-class people who can borrow the max. 350K but are still priced out of the areas they want to live i.e. middle-class areas in Dublin, Cork and Galway. FF/FG reckon its a vote winner for them, even if SF and the civil servants are right in the longer-term.


It’s an expensive vote winner for FF/ FG that feeds into the Sinn Finn narrative

What a mess, desperate need to increase supply of public housing and little sign of that tap being turned on adequately


€791,531 for a 3-bed in Dublin 1, good business for the tax-payer :whistle:


Public housing does not make sense with the levels of immigration that we have combined with a “needs based” allocation policy.

End all public sector subvention, deregulate the financial sector, let the market provide.


There shouldn’t be social housing within M50. All social housing should be purposely built in one large designated area with the cheapest land, maybe up to 150 thousand apartments in 6-12 storey buildings, split into 4 separate areas (buildings for single males, buildings for single females, buildings for couples without kids, and buildings for families/single parents with kids). Units for single adults should be just 8 sq. m., for couples – 15 sq. m., and for families with kids 25-40 sq. m.


Ha. Controversial.


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