Government issue instructions re staff at Passport Office

RTE are now reporting that there are 40,000 unprocessed passports in the passport office with delays now extended out to 18-20 working days.

According to Ingrid Miley the government has now issued instructions in the event of any further industrial action by staff at the passport office. This could mean staff being dismissed or pay being deducted. It looks as if the CPSU have given the government the excuse to move against civil servants on an issue that there will be public support for. It gets interesting from here.

Well, they do need to get this backlog sorted ASAP.

These people can’t emigrate without their pasports.

This will have serious repercussions for Mary Coughlan. … 49782.html

Joe is sorting it out. Move on nothing to see.

I have no problem with mass dismissal of these not so civil servants,the Govt need to make a clear and bloody example of them,they will have huge public support and no shortage of people looking to take their well paid pensionable positions,if anyone in any company I have ever worked for behaved in such a fashion,their feet would not touch the floor on their way out the door.

FFS the remoteness of Donegal :unamused: Just check your passport is not out of date you cretin before you need to use it and then use An Post’s 14 day service.

I’m from Donegal and its not like Donegal is another planet.

Fire the lot of those civil servants. There are plenty on the scratch who would love to swap places with these cosseted fuckers.

I don’t understand. I thought the passport office was working to rule? There should be no backlog at all, given that the counter staff are available for an extra half-day per week to process applications.

I understood the work to rule to mean that customer facing staff would restrict their hours, phones wouldn’t be answered, upward reporting wouldn’t happen. As far as I was concerned that was fine and within the parameters of a work to rule. But I don’t see how that can extend to reducing the amount of work that is being done without being a withdrawal of labour, i.e. a strike?

Hopefully this is all sorted out by 2018.

Another government department that is working to rule is the Debt Management section of Revenue. We are due a VAT refund for one of our clients and because one person is on leave until April? :imp: the remainder of the section are working to rule and the repayment won’t be processed until this person comes back in April. Wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the real world.

This is the real world.

There are some very upset people on Duffy, one woman is staying until they give her, her passport. She is going to go on hunger strike, CPSU are really endearing themselves to the public :angry:

40,000 backlog at €80= €3.2million paid, and nothin given back, no wonder people are pissed off.

lots of public servants being inconvenienced by this as well - piece in paper mentioned a nurse who needed passport to go on holiday today (?). couple of weeks time somebody from the passport office is going to need a nurse or a doctor and they will be working to rule

anybody know if the Mortgage TRS crowd are working to rule as well

Holy fook, the actual machine that prints passports has been out of action for a week!!!

I’d laugh only for the fact that I have a passport express application in the post. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who the F*** named it a public service? I hope this continues as it’ll show the public just how they are viewed by this not so public service.

Spanner stuck in it?

Wooden shoe… :smiley:

A flood of all things.

Couldn’t we just outsource all this to the Israelis?

Allegedly they’ve a printer that’s compatible and a good chance it’s working. Good work ethic over there as well.

Maybe ask them to print us up 50B euro as well? Sort out the banks and the public service.

:smiley: :smiley: Good thinking Batman.

the lazy fucks need to work properly else sack the public sector dunces. . .