Government paid €57m for advice on Anglo Irish Bank

Government paid €57m for advice on Anglo Irish Bank - Niamh Connolly → … 53725.html

Based on the number of words in the reports…
It works out to 25,000 per word.
Its crazy,

I could have done the job for 100,000:
" The place is FUCKED" :laughing:

… a mere 50 big ones.

“Shut it down,Burn the creditors, sack the staff, intern the management!!”

€2.50, a pack of tayto spring onion crisps and a bottle of finches orange

Finches Orange…like the way your thinking XD

Free market and all that:
" The place is FUCKED" 80,000
and 2 for 1 on P.45’s

As good even as…Nash’s Red Lemonade??? :open_mouth:

**The Report: **

“WOW! The lads told us some great stuff!”

The Bill:

A professional report with all the (political) skeletons laid bare - €1,000,000

A half-arsed report with the bodies buried and asses covered - €57,000,000

and anything even remotely resembling fact - priceless. :sick:

What did the reports actually say? If they said go ahead with your crazy plans to give free money to Anglo, the government should sue the consultants for bad advice. If on the other hand they said don’t do it, then we should be shown this report as a matter of public interest.

If they didn’t come to any clear conclusion, we shouldn’t have paid them at all.