Government plans to create 100,000 new jobs by 2016 … ing21.html

So has this 100K jobs figure just been plucked out of the sky?

I’ve been saying for years the 35 CEBs were not needed. Enterprise Ireland pay the CEBs, so why not simply have a CEB division in EI?

Why the extra layer of bureaucracy? So every gov TD could say they brought a CEB and jobs to their county.

If they want to create jobs they should stop spending money to make the country more expensive and uncompetitive.

Reduce energy costs, by demanding greater profitability and dividend from ESB
Cut the cost of the PS
Reduce the cost of healthcare
Reduce the cost of rented accommodation
Reduce the levels of social welfare so it’s attractive to work

These are steps the government can take to increase competitiveness and job creation in the private sector. They are pursuing completely contrary policies

Exactly, government shouldn’t even mention the words “job creation” but should focus on providing an environment with which the private sector can flourish.

Reduce/or scrap the single parent allowance - Takes 2 to make a baby let the 2 financially support it… If not might make more people think about it before hopping into bed!

Add extra Math classes in primary and secondary schools in order to provide the sectors that are offering jobs.

Indeed but government is their to serve the needs of the few as it is currently conducted as it has been for so very long.

How will that reduce energy costs to businesses/consumers?

HL: Government plan to create 100,000 new jobs by 2016

OL: A Government plan designed to promote the creation of 100,000 jobs

Deserves nothing better than a pin chorus of

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Wake me up if they plan to renationalise Eircom, ESB and the rest. Otherwise …ZZZ…ZZ…Z…Z…Z.ZzzzZZzz…

I know it’s crying over spilled milk, but that’s what should have been happening in the Bertie years when jobs were more or less universally available. Instead, the government of the day took the opportunity to demonstrate its largesse when it was relatively cheap to do so. There’s no point reducing SW now as an incentive to work when the jobs simply don’t exist. This is not to say there’s not point reducing SW. But we might as well come clean and admit it’s because we simply can’t afford it.

Fair point. My gripe is how expensive the ESB is to run, but of course the benefits of savings should be passed on to the customer rather than the government

I’m flicking through the report.

There is a section on cost reduction, but a lot of it is aspirational and ‘we will encourage…’ type of stuff. I haven’t found anything that relates to the general uncompetitiveness of the country, such as for example the high levels of rent we have to endure despite having more empty properties than anywhere on earth

You’re right, but I think that even now the rates are an impediment to job growth. The fact that we can’t afford it is true, but separate

How will that reduce energy costs to businesses/consumers?
Should I suppose be to reduce energy costs by allowing the ESB to compete as before. Really one of the most farcical decisions ever to force energy prices up so that the market would be profitable to other entrants. Screwing over people so some other big companies can make profit.

Wasn’t it Charlie McCreevy that said something along the lines: ‘If I have it, I’ll spend it’?

So 25,000 jobs per annum? I recall a company I worked for over a decade ago boasting that it had created several hundred jobs. What they did not say was they were all temporary contracts, so technically they had created the jobs while only ever employing 100 people at a time. I have noticed the government has a habit of making jobs by regulation. e.g. the new state water board.

10,000 new jobs in the Green Economy? Not a chance. All the opportunities in this sector are in the UK and anyone with any sense would take their ideas and their capital, go to Dublin Airport and emigrate. Ireland doesn’t encourage investment in the Cleantech sector while the UK does.

Unless the housing bubble comes back we have a vast skills mismatch problem. That’s a generational problem – not something that’s going to be fixed in my lifetime, even if the will was there. In the bubble years, when (in theory) we had money to spend, our educational standards actually fell.

I know I might be opening old wounds here PS but I now employ a person from the Czech republic as the two Irish people who I offered the job to were both on SW turned down the job as it was more attractive to stay on SW.

The rates of SW simply make it unattractive to take up a job.

If the Gov reduced SW I wouldn’t be employing someone from the Czech Republic. It would be simple loads would get off SW and be employed, win win.

I cant understand why SW hasn’t been reduced when the country is broke.

That’s my point though … we don’t need any excuse other than that we are flat busted. Same with PS pay. What’s the point in comparing public and private sector pay and benefits? WE ARE BROKE! I actually don’t think that’s filtered through to the public consciousness in a meaningful way yet.

Too late the green bubble has come to an end. It might be possible to pick off the technologies that work and develop them.

Why the Clean Tech Boom Went Bust

The carbon bubble will burst - we must be prepared this time

The Green Bubble Is about to Burst

Danish financier warns green energy could be next financial bubble

“The Bubble Thats Just Waiting to Burst”- Looking Ahead to Investment Opportunities in the Green Industry

Has the bubble burst for Italy’s renewables market?

Green Bubble Bursts: Investors In Wind Power Get Cold Feet

I don’t deny that there is plenty of bad investment into Energy projects, -even bubbles, but Global Warming will keep reinforcing the need for clean energy. Of course it would be nice if we could just ignore reality.

Whatever your position on global warming green projects are almost entirely dependent on government subsidy. Governments now have to prioritise their spending especially when their large numbers of their populations are unemployed or rioting, the last thing they want is more wealth transfer to bankers and oil companies (carbon credits) or landowners (wind turbines). There is a boom in oil, gas and coal, (see North Dakota and Texas) and lots of interest in “fracking” worldwide. “Clean tech” is not creating the number of jobs it’s promoters claim when looking for government handouts and it’s going to have to get cheaper and efficient or it sinks.

Greek Debt Crisis Exposes Green Energy Subsidies

Delay to green subsidies puts renewable energy investment in doubt

End Both Fossil Fuel and Clean Energy Subsidies

Government subsidy cut prompts solar outrage

Doing nothing doesn’t mean ignoring reality. We’re not ignoring reality when we decide that a billion euro is too much public money to spend on a heart operation. Or that we won’t spend more money to make cars safer, or replace the wiring harnesses in every plane over 20 years old.
In the cost vs. benefit equation, some things work out too expensive. Avoiding Global Warming is one of them. We’re broke.