Government spending fell by €8bn last year

Good news yeah?


What about current expenditure?


On the income side

so not only are we spending more than we take in we are spending more than we’ve ever taken in

Can anyone tell me if the income figure includes everything, i.e. PRSI receipts etc?


That the big drop is in capital spending is damning, to be honest. We don’t want white elephant capex, but if done right this can be a way to get money into the economy and to add economic capacity.

And then you get the likes of Joan Burton telling us how she is keeping the economy going with social welfare payments. She’s probably right. What the figures won’t show is if a very large consortium of social welfare recipients banded together to divert a few euro from each of their incomes to a capex project like a school, airport, or high-voltage interconnector. Maybe this is happening already, Joan should call a press conference.

Ireland needs capital expenditure to reduce current expenditure in the long term.
Thinking of my local area many rural schools need to be amalgamated and closed downs.
Duplicate services provided in country towns need to be shut down and delivered from one or other of the towns where the duplication exists; to do that you need to have good links between the towns.
The roads between Tullamore and Portarlington, Portlaoise, Edenderry are very poor and need to be upgraded. When upgraded duplicate services in towns can be removed.
I mention my locality but it is the same throughout all of rural Ireland.
Parish pump politicians will never tackle this because their electoral districts are so small.

The biggest obstacle to many countries is how to reform the welfare state and how to employ people that we can’t afford to pay to do nothing anymore. And spending on capital projects is just one of those ways of employing people.

I know some people on the dole, and it has ruined them to the core, totally destroying work ethic. These are family members, so I’m not saying it for points.
It’s about one of the saddest things to see how they are wasting their time, becoming meaner, older and smaller. Social welfare is 100% anti social.

Id say the same about a majority of the people Ive ever worked with…