Government stepping up media / press censorship?

Just been listening to Today FM - The Sunday Business Show and plenty of comment on air to avoid talking about the ‘elephant in the room’, no talking about the ‘R’ word or doom gloom sentiment.

Are we gone bonkers and beginning to stick our heads in the sand or is Government mobilising to tackle the media / press to suspress and silent?

The Sunday Business Show is always Uber-bullish, often to the extent of ignoring the reality of situations, IMHO, they have often been a parody of good business, I recall the discussion of the Sean Dunne purchase of the the JurysDoyle site for a rather surprisingly large amount at roughly the peak of the market. All the in studio contributors hailed the risk taking as the very essence of a good entrepreneur, where as in reality, many were looking at the deal as a bad one. The essence of a good entrepreneur is taking “smart” risks … not just any old risk.

I suspect most of the listeners to the show see through the sycophantic extremes that the show can go to.

Blue Horseshoe

It’s the same pattern over and over again in the mainstream media. These programs are advertising driven so the message is always “you gotta be out there buying, there’s great value out there”.

When you start talking about recession the subliminal message gets to the listener - “stop spending and turn off”. This is bad for advertising revenue and since advertising spend falls in a recession as a presenter you have a vested interest in keeping your job and employer happy and not discouraging listeners.

What is really amusing is people who are on message and say “I don’t read the papers, or listen to the radio because there is too much doom and gloom.” The VI’s have totally conditioned them that property is the economy and not to listen to bad news stories about property/economy and subliminally…they obey. :unamused:

Watch for George Lee delivering more moderate reports. Wouldn’t be least bit surprised if RTE get / got the call.

Yeah it annoyed me too.

Maeve Donovan finding the most pointless stories (one about a firm that took a 25 year rental lease was her highlight) and telling us to stop saving :confused:

Great point, I have had two examples of that yesterday, one was a taxi driver, he was giving out about all the doom and gloom on the radio, he told me he had switched to Q102 or Lite FM so that he wouldn’t have to listen anymore. Another was a friend who is a carpenter, he was giving out about Newspapers and Radio talking us into an even deeper shithole. I nodded in agreement with both of them, no point in trying put forward any sort of counter argument.

Strangely enough I have noticed this in Northern Ireland TV news. Last week they described 18.6% YOY drops as the “Green shoots of recovery” and the normally bearish UTV became bullish. BBCNewsline tends to toe the party line and did a bit on co-ownership saving the FTBs.

Even Jamie de largy from UTV who has warned of the impending carnage in the housing market (quote NI is a bubble on a bubble) for over a year is much quieter on the subject. Have the media been warned not to panic the horses?

The Sunday Times seems to have gotten rid of their “The Market” segment at the back of the paper.

I always found it amusing to see all the adds and glossy pictures painting a rosy picture only for the last column in the section to say by the way, the market is buggered.

Thankfully in this enlightened age those looking for truthful info. thrawl the Web . relegating the mainstream media to nothing more than tabloid journalism and entertainment and to reinforce the WEB as the premier info gathering media :laughing:

Those that relied on the mainstream corrupt media sources are currently preoccupied at looking at their increasingly unaffordable mortgage repayments :open_mouth:

“In the end the truth will out” :smiley:

RTE’s Nine O’Clock news has claimed that Green TD Cirian Cuffe’s Blog says that Government Spin doctors are telling people not to use the word Recession.

The entry is not, at the time of this posting, on his blog.

Blue Horseshoe

The news is here: … -news.html

Yeah, I saw that on RTE 9 tonight. When is a recession not a recession? Jesus, sure the States have worse problems, as yet the Fed have also refused to mention either recession or inflation at any stage. Yes, you are quite correct Bottler, anybody with an ounce of intelligence knows when the economic story hits the papers and the news its about 6 months after the event. Hence the reason foreign investors in Irish banking stocks have been dumping the stock long before we first heard of the word ‘sub-prime’ within the papers. Something is a stinking in the Irish banking sector. Its a test of wills between the builder / developers and the bankers. Meanwhile Joe Public haven’t the slightest clue how toxic the entire mess has become for Ireland Inc. Gov. better start finding new friends in the Bio Tech, Bio Energy and Tech sectors who will become the new FF Galway race sponsors. But until then mums the word and don’t tell anyone we are in a recession or they’ll be off to Australia or Canada or some other bases to call home.

The pressure on RTE is quite ferocious , I understand this chap has been barking at them after every off message news article and program.

In fact I believe that Austins 2 appearances on RTE on Thursday the 3rd ( Morning Ireland and Prime Time) were serious editorial attempts at providing balance and to fend off the calls from government buildings . Austin is simply raking it in these days with the appearance fees.

Hmm, wonder if there is any shit on ‘this chap’ which will make it in the Phoenix Mag, turn the guns on 'em or so to speak.

Nope, he is only doing his job which is to manage news for the government .

I always wondered what it would be like to be a firefighter :laughing:

Comes to stage where ye just let the building burn down rather than risk life :unamused:

The UK seems to be making a better job of taking its medicine. The Observer business section
today contains a good number of inteeligent articles on the subject. The OECD chief is particularly interesting :