Government's Master Plan

Indeed, too true, my GF leaves in six weeks to join the NHS.

the opportunity of a (political) generation: radical reform of the public service in the national interest, the unions haven’t a leg to stand on

what do we get: shite (xman has corrupted me with his expletives but hey, it works) :frowning:

Should save enough to cover the costs of the tribunals.

look at what the Revenue have made off the back of the Tribunals

they should be sacrosanct imo

In terms of this type of situation occuring, i assume Unions would still kick up if people switched departments from over staffed ones to understaffed ones (assuming both departmenst were within reasonable distance physically, I’m not talking decentralisation scenarios here)

If past experience is anything to go on, they’ll be back at higher rates within the year. Or hired as consultants. Whichever is more expensive.

Naturally. They won’t take a common sense approach or anything like that.

You want our worker to sit at that desk instead of this desk, right so, but he’ll need compensation.

And since he’s being compansated for switching desks, we’ll need compensation for all the people who aren’t switching desk, so that they don’t lose out by not being selected to move.

Now, let’s look at all the people who’ve ever retired. They never got to benefit from moving desk. We think you should increase their pensions.

At this point the government just decides to leave the original guy sitting where he is, and the union demand compensation for having his hopes of a moved dashed.

That’s how it’s done.


Don’t forget the overtime for the poor guys who have to process the compensation claims.

Got any figures for that?

I’m surprised people aren’t more supportive of the government in this instance.

Instead of borrowing, they’ve decided to try and cut expenditure on non-essentials. No bailouts, no cuts to health/education, etc.

I don’t see what more they can do at this stage.

I think most peoples opinions are “I’ll believe it when I see!”

I’d like to think we could trust the government to do the right thing but their track record doesn’t inspire confidence.

I have to say I’m extremely disappointed by today’s gubberment announcement.

They themselves built up today as the day when all would be unveiled – they deflected Dail questions saying “wait till next Tuesday”, “I can’t disclose this that and the other until next Tuesday, blah, blah”. And here we are and we’re still in a state of confusion and uncertainty about the future of the Irish economy.

They missed a perfect opportunity to communicate their vision for the future and a new Ireland. We’re back to post Celtic tiger doom and gloom of a failed Lisbon Treaty, unemployment, emigration and societal unrest. Great. Very 1980s isn’t it?

I thought Brian Lenihan actually had some backbone in him. Now I’m beginning to think that he’s nothing more than an expert orator and doesn’t have the capability to do very much.

Today’s announcement could have and should have gone much, much further.

I have been reliably told that over 2000 Dept of Education staff are coming back off career breaks in the next 3 months owing to their construction related spouses being in financial bother and secondments ending .

Many are mothers on career breaks . Some were on secondment to the dept from schools and are being sent back thereby displacing their cheaper substitutes . Others were on career breaks IN construction .

Their temporary replacements on 25-30k will be let go and the ones coming back will resume their €40-45k posts in their place. The net cost will be €30m on the annual budget but nobody has told BATT about any of this yet. He will not be amused when he sees his September wage bill with a national pay wedge and some tactical and rather expensive early retirement gratuities thrown in too :slight_smile: Nor will the dept of Finance I assure you .

( Wrong o bloody keefe ff td from cork , its actually Batt not Ned )

Who is Ned?

I’m somewhat supportive. I like the 50% cut in PR/Consultant costs, as it confirms just what a waste of money this is. If they want to increase that to 99%, that’s ok too. We didn’t need any of those ads telling us what Transport 21 is or how much they’re going to spend (or not spend, now) - we just need the actual trains and tracks.

Since the amount spent on health per capita does not necessarily relate to the quality of healthcare available, I wouldn’t necessarily apply a simple rule like ‘no cuts’. e.g. Brendan Drumm probably doesn’t need a bonus this year, so that would be a saving.

I’d also like to see a whole rake of Junior Ministerial posts eliminated.

Ah but they were this government’s gift to you, before there were fewer and more Department driven, Ministers of State and now you have a junior minister for everything under the Sun… Don’t know what the outlay is in shekels and cents but it is probably pricey enough…

Why didn’t they just bin decentralisation and have done with it… Now that would have been a sensible move…

I mean Bertie’s gone, Charlie’s gone, Parlon has gone to the dark side, what’s stopping them from saying, jaysus weren’t we mad eejits altogether…

Becuase they now want to accelerate the decentralisation of Quangos they wish to get rid off.

If they refuse to leave Dublin as ordered they will then be deemed to have fired themselves you see . Government saves a a large wedge :slight_smile:

Then when only 10% ( unsurprisingly ) of NRA staff decentralise to Ballinasloe as planned they can declare the NRA can no longer function properly so they can then abolish it to save even more money and move this rump of 10% of staff to the Road Safety Authority or some such quango instead .

Why get rid of your single most effective weapon for reducing quangos ??

Ballinasloe :slight_smile:

Ah, I see… Lucid dysfunctionalality.

I don’t buy it though…