Govt nominee Cardiff rejected by MEPs for EU job … 44359.html

Now he’ll have to survive on his index-linked pension of €130,000 for the rest of his life. The inhumanity of it.

Maybe if bothered looking, he might find an extra 3.6 billion votes behind the sofa.

= political knife fighting now. watch as Mr.Skeleton departs Mr. Closet. cos Cardiff knows where the bodies are…

if he is not going to europe surely he will go back to the old job… :cry:

well someone better satrt talking soon.
This is the first senior civil servant to experience any type of personal setback as a consequence of being a major player in the biggest GDP drop in history since the great depression.
I’m sure FG and Lab just wanted rid of him - but this could get interesting.
Frankly i am just so p*ssed off that there are a crop of senior civil servants in their earlty 50’s retiring 15 years ahead of time and getting 100k plus pensions - it’s disgusting.

according to the rte1 radio news. he lost out by ONE VOTE. The European Peoples party who have FG as one of their parties voted AGAINST him despite representations from Enda, the socialists whom Labour are aligned with voted in favour. Apparently Prionsias de Rossa gave him a glowing testimonial for his fellow comrades.

Strange auld world all the same

Next time someone asks “what has Europe ever done for us”, I’ll know what to say. Bravo !

Prionsias, you were interned once already…

Amazing how so few come out and actually state the obvious.

At least the europeans have the intelligence not to reward failure. And i dont just mean the 3.6bn, this guy was around at the time of the guarantee

He was not very amiable at the Oireachtas questioning process. He did not answer the questions that were put to him. So glad the EU have more brains than I ever thought. Why would you reward incompitance, only oireland does that in multibles of gmbeen rewards. Enda looks foolish now, why did he not stop his nomination for someone more worthy.

Here’s the CV as sent in plus answers to the questions. … 0154en.pdf

Here’s the list of members. No Paddies. … &body=CONT

F_ck me, that is a poorly written CV.

Oh dear involved in tax policy in 2005/6 including tax reliefs and pension tax reliefs. This is a joke surely or a bad dream. So this is the guy advising give away budgets?

Did Enda and the boys even bother reading the CV

They sent plenty email on his behalf… (probably had to setup junk filters)

Does anyone have knowledge of whether or how long is it since the nominated person of a Government of the EU for a post within the EU has previously or ever been rejected by MEPs for an EU job at this level?

Is this a first I wonder?

Anyhow, thank goodness that he’s been left with public egg on his face.
Even though RTE are telling that he answered questions from the MEPs he still didn’t pass their mark even though he passed the Irish Paddy Parliament (Disaster Allowed If Lunatic) he did not pass the European one.

I’m feeling good about this.

I’m not feeling good that his failure continues to be allowed by the people in Ireland

Surely it was lobbying against?

P DeRossa was fawning over him earlier at the questioning. It was sickening. It took a British MEP from the Midlands to ask any of the hard questions. It gives one a tiny bit of faith in that over bloated gold feathered nest.

But isn’t he wearing a green shirt begorrah?

Only since he sicked himself over his rejection. :sick:

probably spilled some salsa verde on his eygptian cotton shirt in Patrick Guilbaud. dont think he eats humble pie,

He hasn’t been rejected completely according to The Journal and there’s still a chance he’ll get it. … 5-Nov2011/