Govt unveil plan for 10,000 Midlands jobs


Just when you think it can’t get any more ridiculous… you get this.

I’m quiet surprised that so many in the midlands speak Chinese… :slight_smile:


RTE must be carrying something on this - was in Athlone this afternoon and saw Mullooly recording piece on the motorway bridge.

Fintan Cooney - cathaoirleach of Westmeath co co will some explaining to do. It’s not long since he said the council’s approach to development would bd moderated since they messed up so badly during the boom.

Hey Ho the Gateway!


I assume what with all the empty office/factory space around the country that the Chinese are not buying up, I can only assume that the jobs are just 10,000 construction jobs which will be created by a government funded white elephant development of more houses, hotels and empty offices.

WTF is a world trade centre type project, and WTF is it doing outside athlone?







I think people in the Mid West should be saying exactly that.

You are correct, plus plans to extend Dublin Airport’s runway have been put on ice, and that probably won’t change until the general economic outlook improves.

So, right now, Shannon would look to be capable of taking this investment (if it exists) without any need to shell out for extra infrastructure/buildings and the like.


T2 will be the last thing the DAA will be building up there for a while I reckon…


Athlone is another, say, 20 minutes along the motorway from Tullamore, so maybe an hour forty from Dublin? With a following wind and no traffic? The train isn’t much quicker.

There’s a bus from Dublin Airport to Athlone €23.50 return (adult) (Bus Eireann), er, no there isn’t. There used to be, but it doesn’t appear to run anymore. The private ones don’t appear to be much better.

Still, I’ll bet the train is good! Plenty of services, as long as you finish what you are doing at 19:00… 1 hour 50 journey time. One-way price varies from €10 to €22…

How am I doing on selling the access to the place now?


One of the people in Ireland is the BYD chairman, Wang Chuanfu.


Yogan, have you forgotten about Tubber International Airport already? The two projects fit together like hand and glove.

Personally I wouldn’t knock the idea of having a permanent Chinese Trade Expo sited in Ireland it will certainly bring in significant amounts of money to the country and I know that the Chinese have been seriously looking at siting such an Expo somewhere in Europe for a number of years.


God help us all.

Is there nobody posting here with connections in China who could warn these people of the grave danger they face if they choose to get involved in a resurrection of the Irish Glass Bubble Company.

If Brian Cowen and his gang of Midland Cowboys get a run at this then China will collapse and for generations to come Chinese people will speak in hushed tones of how Lehmann Brothers was at the root of it all !!!

Whats Shane Rosss mobile number ?



Im not knocking the idea at all,but Im inserting a caveat about allowing Brian Cowen and his entourage to come within 1000 metres of any financial arrangements consequent upon this scheme.

Perhaps we could interest Peter Matthews in perusing the details of it…just in case !


Think 1:40 may be overcooking it quite a bit tbh - Airport to Longford is do-able in 1:25 no problem, Athlone is the exact same distance and motorway for the entire route. Google Maps suggests a 1:20 journey time.

There’s something like 16 daily services from Busaras to Athlone operated by Bus Eireann, not sure about private operators.

Regarding the train, no serious business traveller is going to consider travelling by rail in this country unless they’re going to Cork (and the completion of the M8 has probably rendered that service obsolete too).

This is good news for an underdeveloped part of the country if it goes ahead - that if should be in font size 72.


The jobs could be in Athlone, Athleague or Báile Atha Cliath, it won’t make any difference to his re-election chances. He’ll be back in with a full quota, jobs or no jobs.


Yeah, but you can’t always assume the M50 will have no traffic.

There are a couple, but they seem to only have one or two services to the airport. The point is that there is almost no direct public transport link to the airport. This is not to do Athlone down, particularly, there aren’t direct transport links from Dublin airport to most places in its catchment area.

Too true.

Do you hear a Saudi language school yelling in the distance?


Fine for some individual factory. Not good as a strategic hub for Chinese investment. Cork or Limerick/Shannon could fill that role. Athlone can’t. Its just not a big enough town.


You maybe incorrect on this one, most Asian business leaders expect regular trains and buses, culturarly thats the way for them.

Galway Airport is now 30/35mins from Athlone, it can’t handle 737’s upwards, but a Corporate Jet no problem, ATR’s which will hold up to 100 can land there, coach ride 30/35mins.

Shannon Airport has enough capacity to get them in…


Does this mean there is a snap election being planned for the Autumn/Winter especially taken with Lenihans comments -> viewtopic.php?f=19&t=31205


Word on the grapevine is the Chinese are planning to outsource hundreds of call centres for government helplines and other businesses.
A spokesman said there are now so many Wings and Wongs in China that one in five callers wings at least one wong number EVERY DAY and Beijing has finally had enough of it.


Hmmmmmm… the Machiavellian beauty of this, needs to be applauded if it came to pass. I was cock sure that a snap was going to be called in October 09… I’ll go to the bookies in the morning and see what the odds are…

I’m smiling because its so probable…

Edit: October 08 was the time I thought it would happen, and FG, Labour, SF and the cleaning lady would form a unity Govt…

I’m still laughing