Govt's New Affordable Mortgage Scheme


Sein Fein the party that allows TDs a free vote in the Dail :slight_smile:


Whatever about the many dismerits of Sinn Fein, shilling for landlords is not one of them. :smiley:


Worth noting that Mick Wallace was the only landlord to vote against his own self interest.


i find this obsession with TDs being landlords bizarre, being a small time landlord in ireland for the vast majority is the furthest thing from a lucrative side business.

if you were lucky enough to buy some apartments at rock bottom prices in 2011/2 maybe its worthwhile but for most people it isnt, its more of a pain in the neck than anything else.

a lot of friends of mind are accidental landlords and all they want to do is get rid of the property and leave it behind them


Without doubt - however the Sein Fein support group was suggesting FF/FG TDs were voting to promote their own personal interests rather than according to the party whip.

Least we forget Sein Fein rules with a iron fist and has even banned its membership (under threat of sanction) from unauthorized discussions with journalists or the media. Freedom of choice is not something the party is particularly well know for :slight_smile:


So you’re saying that FF/FG TDs were prevented from supporting the Right to Housing Bill 2017 because of the party whip AND that SF TDs wanted to vote against it but the party whip prevented them? hmmm… interesting. Are you suggesting that all parties have ‘a iron fist’ or just one?

If the parties didn’t have the whip system would the result have been different? I doubt it. I think the problem is that FF/FG have a policy to prioritise property rights over everything. And enough of your trolling. Let’s just try to just add facts to the discussion.



Yes let’s stick to the facts - The whip system prevents TDs from voting with their conscience. Speculation of what way they would have voted without the whip is not a fact.

There is just one party “Sein Fein” that has banned its membership from unauthorized discusssions with the media and journalists. Any thoughts on why the leadership has taken this type of action? Maybe they want people to engage in open dialogue?


Well it’s certainly an interesting point. I hadn’t considered the possibility that FF/FG Tds wanted to vote against their parties to support the Right to Housing Bill 2017.

From your own experience as a landlord would you say many of the FF/FG landlords would have supported the Bill? Almost every landlord turned up to vote against the Bill… :slight_smile:

And I’m not sure what your obsession with SF is? They’re just the second largest party in the opposition but it’s like every single criticism of FG triggers you to attack them. I actually read about that cognitive behaviour issue recently but we’ll save it for another thread. It’s interesting stuff.


Is wallace still a landlord, surely his bankruptcy ended that?



Maybe he still owns property in Italy. Oh, wait he sold that to his brother. All above board I’m sure.

The thieving knacker still has the cash to go to the World Cup while owing a fortune to Revenue and his Creditors … y-tax.html


He did have stuff in 2016: 2 rented houses in receivership
but none in 2017


a case of unfair preference surely?


I thought you were going to stick to the facts rather than your agenda driven script :slight_smile:


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Isnt this the sub prime lender scheme, you have had to be turned down by several banks to even qualify. That’s going to end well.


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The whole point of the scheme is to get around Central Bank limits. If the scheme had unlimited funds, then the Central Bank limits would be meaningless. Is this new controversy just a political pantomime to put pressure on the Central Bank?