GP to make an announcement about government

Today FM have just reported that the Greens are to make an announcement on their participation in government later today.

Exit strategy about to be published I’d say.

I hope the announcemnet won’t go over our heads, mabye if they speak slowly I will be able to keep up.

GPs are leaving health and entering politics? Howitzer too dumb to interpret acronyms and context at same time.

If memory serves me correctly, it is rats that desert sinking ships

The thread title size limit caught me out :smiley:

they will announce a new lightbulb strategy for government buildings. Every light will run on dimmers to elminiate wastage … well for as longs as the IMF are in town, according to Gormless it will send out a message that this government are hell bent on showing how it is done from the top down.

Are the Greens about to do the honourable thing and fall on their swords?

Let’s be honest it’s the only honourable thing they will have done in power.
Them leaving is complete suicide as they’ll be annihilated in next election but it would be honourable.

Is their any honour left in this country?

11.30 press conference / announcement

It’s a press conference at 11:30

I’m guessing it will be the dire need to navigate away from the negotiated programme of government and the Brians have the full confidence of na glasraí

I wouldn’t say that it is honourable, they have lasted this long without any remorse for their actions why should things change now.

Most likely to announce that they will not support the government after Christmas, ie election early in the new year.

They’re hardly going to call it quits now. I’d say it’s more likely they will issue a statement of support for the government’s course of action and will fall in line.

They’ll say they will stay to support the government in getting the budget through as that’s what is good for Ireland, after that they will no longer support this government.

+1 much as I hope they’d do the decent thing I reckon this is just a big tease. Trying to convince us that they matter

We’re already playing out the first scenes from the 2011 general election.

Are they more likely to say “We support the governments decision to call in the IMF to rescue us from our bad policy decisions” or “we will support this budget in the national interest but we will be seeking a general election in Christmas”?

The GE is coming due to the pressing by elections so the majority is gone by March at the latest, therefore set up the green party election stall now.

I don’t want them to leave government. I want the incumbents to get this budget passed. I want them to be responsible for as much of the destruction as possible, so that there is no way they can ever remove the smell of what they have done.

It’s ok, the Green’s are springing into action… … ing19.html

We’re bringing you down with us you farting bean-sodden bastards!

+1 on the “shure we’re all in this together, the Greens will fight to protect the dormouse, the Irish antelope and we will look at reintroduce snakes in the new program for government as the price for staying in power. Oh yeah, and Kermit wants more of them turny things”.

a decision we made on Saturday - bullshit.

Who does he think he is fooling. Nobody would be dumb enough to believe that.