GP's Boyle Plans Bill on Financial Treason

Dan’s plan.

wot a load of bollocks he knows well that stuff is not retroactive.

Some clear thinking from The Greens . Strong laws are needed for the financial sector . Horse , bolt , Door .

Everybody walked away because those running the scam that was Ireland 1997 to 2008 are up to their necks with the bankers , deveopers etc . Jesus Fucking Christ .

I would like it to be illegal for a failed candidate for election to the Dail to be rewarded with a Senate seat. Dan Boyle is the reason I even care about this, although Ivor Callely helped too.

Ultimately this is too late. I have a problem. I’d like some sort of system put in place, some sort of commission to investigate how this happened with you know, punishment afterwards. But I don’t see the current generation of politicians doing this. At all.

IIRC, the GP leaders bought the votes of (animal rights?) members to ensure their party supported NAMA. Sounds like treason to me :imp:

I hope this will apply to Dan Boyle, and the rest of the Green hierarchy who supported NAMA.

Him an Burgess should get together and have a stink in.

Interesting move. Needs to be mindful of the following;

Blue Horseshoe

I think if Dan is looking for any support at the moment he should buy a DD bra to support his
currently gigantic diddys-there is a hole in his arguement as wide as his rather over sized orifice.

Why is this unelected asshole given so much public time?- FFS :angry:

bump. This puppys started on its way through the Dail, … b0111d.pdf

I reckon we

To me this says that had Donie the wigged wonder broadcast his sales pitch to the FTBs of Castlepollard (you remember, the pitch about house prices will soon be up another 30%, never the wrong time to do the right thing, blah, blah, blah) on RTE, say Primetime, he could be done for treason, but broadcasting it from inside the Seanad puts him in the clear - right?
Cute f*ckin’ hoor or what??

Yep. Going well back, the unwritten code among the boys in Irish state and semi-state bodies has always been, “you look out for my ass, and I’ll look out for yours”.