Gracefield Villa, Waltham Terrace, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

AMV: €1,700,000 - 4 Bed Detached House 277 m² / 2982 ft² For Sale By Auction Share … pertyAlert

Facebook shareholders only need apply. Seem very toppy give the condition of the place. What say the Pinsters? 1.2m? Certainly a home for life, on a site deserving a premium.

Certainly no shame in bring the consultants/partners round for dinner.

Seems to be well over priced to me.

Very difficult to call correctly. The AMV suggests that the EA hopes it will be seen by period trophy-home hunters as standing head and shoulders over the redbrick terraced, semi- and detached types found in Tere-rath-elagh and Sandy-bridge-brook. Serious work required here, which will involve overcoming many planning obstacles and downing many sedatives and painkillers. I would estimate very roughly €500k but could easily go a lot higher after adding top of the range finishes.

So if it achieved the AMV, someone wealthy has got a truly trophy home for, say, €2.3 million plus much work and patience. That’s nearly €800 per square foot.

Is there a market for that? It depends on the love someone rich feels for the place - and it is a road that is enviously eyed by many, so there may be more than one, in which case there will be multiple serious bidders. Bear in mind that last summer a much smaller non-period (well, 1930s/40s) house requiring renovation and extension in a less desirable but still very good part of Blackrock/Booterstown fetched a million at auction (viewtopic.php?f=10&t=38756). Even allowing for the considerable drop in prices between then and now, I think Gracefield House could fetch close enough to the asking - say €1.5m - but I wouldn’t stake my Charvet shirt on it.

Yes, I think it will certainly go for well over 1m. The only question is how close to ask.

For those intested in the global market look at home many home you have to get through here to hit a USD2m home.

I have no idea how much this will go for, or how much its worth, or if the two are inter-related.

However the price per square foot referred to above seems very high.

In general it seems at odds with the pricing of larger trophy type houses in SCD.

My general observation would be that there are much better ‘bargains’ to be had for a person spending €800k on a house than a person spending €400k.

I dont get the sense that the market for €1mn+ houses is particularly crowded with buyers; therefore to contradict my earlier statement, I dont think this will make the AMV.

While I’ve never been gone on “period” houses, given a few million quid with enough to do the work, this would be The One for me. I’ve looked at it before on Google Satellite as I always wondered what existed where it stands.

One for the millionaire who isn’t pushed about having a “4” in their address, but wants a lavish pad with grounds away from the hollow glamour of the embassy belt. Perfect location - it’s not even on Waltham Terrace - it’s down a small, discreet laneway off it - an absolute oasis bordered on all sides by other well-heeled home-owners. Serious gardens with a perfect aspect, a courtyard and garages for a plethora of vintage cars (and a Range Rover, of course). Price per square foot, my arse. This is your castle in suburbia.

For that reason I would also say 1.5m. They’d have my money in the morning if I had it.

The “well-heeled neighbours” on Waltham Terrace include Dave Fanning!

It is being auctioned so at least we will allo know the final price.

A regular at the playground in Carysfort Park!
(Mad for the swings, he is…)

This is obviously a unique home in many respects. Not often you will see that much garden anywhere closer than Glenageary…

The biggest drawback though is the impracticalities of the “upside down” layout. I mean, it obviously makes sense to have the Main Living room/Kitchen areas etc on the upper floors, as they are the rooms with the grander proportions and the floor u enter first…
But that also means putting the bedrooms on the lower floor. This would feel odd to alot of people. It would also mean that a 500k refurb here is the absolute minimum, as the present layout has bedrooms/living areas scattered across both floors

If you can afford the 1.7 you will not be worrying about the 500k. 30% of purchase is reasonable for a refurb.

Saw this place today.

The only flaw I saw was a rather overlooked garden (assuming a massive refurb budget). Otherwise, a mega interesting pad in a perfect location.

Still a dream “want” though. Can actually see this place hitting their asking if they do enough marketing.

I would pay 1m for it - which is what the site is worth, tear this house down (it’s ugly) and build my dream house in a dream place for another, say 1m.

When you consider the main day-to-day entrance into the house is on the ground floor (1st floor, red front door entrance has rarely been used over the years) the house isn’t really “upside down”. The kitchen and a number or suitable sitting / kid style rooms are on the ground floor leaving bedrooms and maybe one or two reception (good rooms) upstairs for entertaining. In the main the house would generally be lived in downstairs. This is common of a number of houses on Waltham Terrace.

So, is anyone attending or can keep the rabble in the loop on this one?

#22 sold 31-7-13 for €1,750k