Grange Douglas - House and Contents, good value?

Hi all,

Take a look at this one:

On the surface, a 3 Bed semi for €299k on the edge of the city is still over priced, but take a look at what comes with it - must be nearly 50k worth of fittings, along the with Merc. 29 Photos too! Owners emigrating apparently.

Normally I wouldn’t be distracted by fluff like this, but this one caught my eye.

the two dogs come with it too?

I hope those lovely dogs don’t spend most of their lives in that very small 10 foot by 10 foot enlosure. No intellectual or social stimulation for them in that confined space. :cry: :cry:

Lovely ethnic touches in that house which appeal to the traveller in me. I’d like it myself.

I’d do away with the d@mn dog enclosure though. Maybe ok for two or three hours a day when the weather isn’t too cold.

Still probably €50,000 - €75,000 too much.

:unamused: Very approximate! €10,000 would be closer to the mark.

You are doing the owners a big favour here if you pay that price. A falling knife methinks.