Granny Flat - Zoned as non habitable accommodation



We bought a house in Dublin central which has a 30 Metre squared granny flat in rear garden. Garden has side access. It had planning permission when it was built circa 2004. But the planning application stipulates that ,"…{granny flat} shall not be used as habitable accommodation; and shall be used for purposes incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling house…"

We wish to use it for my aging parents when they visit…
I had a quick chat with a case officer from DCC and they said the only way it could be used as habitable space was if i had it joined to the main house. Thats a big job nad not something we can do just now.

Is there another route to get this zoned (if that’s the right term) as habitable? Should I contact the area planner? The original case planner no longer works for DCC as far as I can tell.

any ideas? has anyone had a similar challenge with planning?
Whats a granny flat without a granny ffs!


What does it say exactly, with no selective editing? :smiley:

The correct course of action is to return it to the use for which planning was originally granted.

You won’t get permission to use it as habitable space, not while it’s detached from the main dwelling.


Well unless granny is going to live in it permanently im not sure anyone would care. There is no army of DCC planning officers hanging out of trees keeping an eye on the shed/granny flat. if its going to be more permanent get a private planners advise. (non DCC).


Why do you need to contact the city council? If you were planning to rent the place out on a commercial basis, then I could understand. But if its just your parents visiting for a few days then there is no issue.


This is the whole basis of Shomera, garden buildings that can’t be used for accomodation :wink: :wink:.