Grant Withdrawn for Solar Panels for New Houses

Just got a letter from SEI informing us that grants for solar panels for new houses are withdrawn, the grant is still in place for existing houses.

Would seem a bit strange not to offer it to new homes as well.

How much is the grant and do you know roughly what would be the cost of installing solar system in a three bed hse.

Also a lot of what was promoted by the grant scheme is now compulsory for new houses anyway.

It was about 2 grand I think.

How long does a house have to be built before it counts as ‘existing’? :slight_smile:

All these SEI grants were very poorly thought out, assuming anyone thought about them at all !

All the suppliers did was popup the original price adding on the value of the grant.

Radically stupid.

We’ll still be paying the carbon levies either way… next the H20 levy, Rain Tax.

Actually that’s the whole point of them. It provides support to an industry, it makes it viable. This is completely normal.

The grants just pushed up costs. Taxpayers money used to inflate prices. How is that a good thing?

Geothermal, solar was perfectly viable before the grants and will still be viable when they are gone. Moreover, the grants caused a rash of incompetent and unscrupulous installers to open up shop overnight. You could see them driving around in vans saying “eco-this” and “bio-that”.

Down with grants and the rip-off culture they spawn.

would be quite tempped to fit panels onto my roof of semi-de but I have visions of toe-rags throwing stones up to smash the panels for the ‘craic’.

It’s Keynesian economics. As your example showed as soon as the grant appeared then the amount of service providers increased. That was the whole point of the grant. What’s the problem?

Whether you agree or disagree with this industry in particular receiving state support is something of a personal choice. I would much rather see state support for this sort of industry than others (Construction, Horse Racing).

Where in Keynesian economics does it say that when your providing this stimulus you should also specify that you have to use only authorised dealers & installers ?

These grants were a half-assed, brain dead, typically Irish approach. If Solar panels or Domestic heat pumps are worth doing then their economic benefits are what they should be judged on. The person buying the project will do the maths on the savings Vs the cost of installation & will decide whether or not it makes sense. If the SEI sticks in their oar and subsidised the cost then they are skewing the figures & making something that isn’t economically sensible into something that is.

Again, this is the whole point. Yes, they are taking something that isn’t economically viable (or maybe wasn’t when the scheme started anyway) and turning it into something that is. In that sense they are achieving exactly what they’ve set out to achieve. The scheme isn’t hairbrained because it is having the exact effect it was set up for. Whether you think that effect is in itself hairbrained is another thing altogether, which I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with.

Apparently there was a grant for a boiler conversion and this has also been silently removed… My mate just switched over to a wood pellet yoke and has now been proverbially kicked in the knackers!!! :blush: