Grappling with the housing crisis: Fresh approaches needed


With 90,000 people on social housing lists, we asked five insiders for potential solutions

*Warning Tom Parlon and Casino Owner David Hall alert … -1.2586066

Edit: reading this will make you despair for the future of Ireland.


I find it astounding that people like Boyd Barrett come up with the likes of

Is this not the mentality that got us in this mess in the first place?

So why should i bother paying my mortgage, i would be economically far better off and sure the council might buy it anyway and lease it back to me for a fraction of what my mortgage is anyhow!
How can our neighbours in the UK evict non paying people without the world coming to an end (and with far lower dole to boot).
What if the landlord is treading water or in negative equity and the council does a compulsory purchase order, state enforced poverty?

Everything is expensive in this country because those of us who do pay taxes are funding the entitled mentality of those that don’t.


Yeah; basically there is little “new thinking” needed. All we need to do is build social housing, tighten the rules around rent supplement, and improve tenure for good private tenants, and the problem mostly sorts itself out. Everyone knows what the answers are.

But of course “the problem” looks very different when you’re a VI.


In fairness a very droll sub-editor at the IT was wise to all this.

“With 90,000 people on social housing lists, we asked five insiders for potential solutions”


RBB solution whee local authorities, are provided with the funds to buy all houses available in the open market to accomodate those on the housing list might give the market the jolt needed to achieve triple fgure price growth :slight_smile:


How many of these 90,000 are actively seeking social housing?

Se Cork city example … s/1838273/


Property tax should be higher for empty properties. PPS numbers to be provided to prove occupation. High fines for false returns.

You could do a graded scale of size versus occupants, but it smacks of bedroom tax and would be ugly to administer.

This should apply to derelict/sites too…

Pick a number for how much higher! 20%? 25%? more?


Fine Gael to propose reduction in VAT on new homes … -1.2590165


How many of those 3500 just weren’t capable of logging on and registering online. I suspect the 3500 would have higher incidences of illiteracy,lower education levels lower access to it etc. It seems a bit smug to turn around to this group and just say oh you didn’t really need housing in the first place when they have just insisted on this one method of access


Will this reduce prices or simply increase builder profits? e.g. new build is advertised at 300k and sells out. If VAT is cut would the builder simply still have asked 300k


Call me cynical but I can almost guarantee that it won’t have an impact on asking prices.
With any luck and good timing you might get a new gaff cheaper though if you e.g. have signed a contract on a new build (which currently includes the 13.5% VAT I think) but by the time the sale is closed the VAT rate has changed. This is assuming that it is the closing date that counts for VAT purposes and not some other date…


So less money available with which to build social housing.


From what I read they just needed to state, by post if needed, that they were still interested in being on the housing list.

Of those who did reply, just 22% are regularly logging in to see what’s available. You can debate about the computer skills of the other 78% alright


Absolutely, this is just Tommy Parlon and the boys with their ‘what’s in it for me’ mentality. I have no doubt that whatever FG/FF come up with, will fail. They want a return to bubble era economics, they don’t know anything else.


I can certainly understand the cynicism, but surely the enormous cut that currently goes to the government is at least contributing to lowering volumes/raising prices? It won’t work on its own, but it will go some way towards helping.


Buyers of property in this country are already whipped into a frenzy by the onslaught of misleading information, spoon-fed to them daily by the media. The missing ingredient in the secret sauce for bubblemania, to take prices back to the stratosphere, is credit. They are working on that. There is no way in hell developers will pass those savings onto the buyers, if they think they can get away with it. Right now the VIs are winning the war. The last bastion of hope for people (the CBI rules) are under sustained attack.


Homelessness crisis: Five ways to tackle the issues

Forum hears possible solutions, including the appointment of a new minister … -1.2594243


Basically it’s all about #5. Build more fucking social housing. There is no other real solution. We need another minister like we need a hole in the head. Now stop fucking about and start building.



Although let’s not build them in a field in Leitrim. Ten minutes planning should do it, I’d say, but let’s do some.


Surprisingly enough there is a bit of a housing shortage in Carrick-On-Shannon. Nothing built in last 10 years. Rents and Prices up 20% in the last year. Severe shortage of properties to rent. Could probably do with some social housing being built.