Grappling with the housing crisis: Fresh approaches needed


This story and Inchicore itself kind of sum up for me the development clusterfuck and the way things have ‘gone back to normal’ since the FG/Labour election in 2011.

A place like Inchicore with nothing much in it, in the midst of a housing crisis, so close to the centre of the most expensive city in the Eurozone.

The current mantra of houses, houses, houses is as bad as it was in the 2000s when massive estates would spring up in Lucan or Firhouse, and little or nothing around them initially at least, in terms of local shopping, entertainment, cultural or sporting facilities. Hell maybe even transport would be an afterthought so long as you got the housing knocked up, and development levies and VAT flowed in.

Like the 2000s you don’t need to be a PHD in spatial strategy to understand what is wrong here. The likes of the fella down at the football club could see it then, and can see it now. What is actually going on in Ireland with all these houses everywhere, and not much else going on? The only game in town.

You fail to build a modest 12,000 seater football stadium on an existing site, to develop community and grass roots sport, and then moan every two years that the football team aren’t as good as Croatia, or such and such failed to medal in the Olympics.

Fine Gael and their ragtag of various hangers on. A lot done more to do


Dublin is already littered with large patches of grass used for field sports.


We want homelessness and a housing crisis
[ - OLIVER CALLAN**It’s Murphy’s flaw… but we’re also to blame for the housing crises* * (


Media headline that appeals to a target market - but hey let’s encourage Murphy to throw tax payer money at a symptom rather than the underlying problem.


The latest ‘outrage’ story in the media…now also getting the full shabang on the Joe Duffy show

They had nowhere to go’: Mother and six children spend night on chairs at gardai station … -1.3590748


Refugee family reunification putting ‘pressure’ on homeless system
Asylum-seekers losing their accommodation after bringing relatives into Ireland, official says … 3?mode=amp


New Zealand slaps ban on foreigners buying property
FOREIGNERS face a ban on buying homes in New Zealand after a spending splurge by millionaires seeking doomsday bolt-holes crowded out local buyers and pushed up property prices.


Hard to cope with a housing crisis when literally anyone from the Eu or beyond can rack up and look for a house, very few questions asked

Half of families sleeping in Garda stations are Travellers or Romanian … -1.3594025

12 of the 27 nationalities recorded were Romanian or non-EU…44%. How can you plan for that?


Any non-Irish EU citizen that turns up in a Garda station: on a plane back to his/her home country. Well covered by EU legislation.
Any non-EU citizen: pretty much the same, plus complications when it comes to refugee status etc.


Did anyone hear Minister Eoghan Murphy on Miriam earlier?
He was completely out of his depth, wouldn’t answer queries and sounded relieved that the basic questioning was over.

#847 … &infants=2

Not suitable for infants but they do, of course, accept bookings. Booked out solid to end September…bar one day.


Another pure spoofer following in his preecessor’s footsteps

Homeless numbers expected to rise, Minister says
Eoghan Murphy says increase in people presenting and supply are reasons for hike … -1.3610168


Minister Eoghan Murphy was on PatKennyNewstalk for 25 minutes. Waffling as usual.
He stated that “we need to restructure the entire housing system in this country” to prevent the current crisis happening again.
Any idea what that means?


Huh…Housing system?!? What’s that?

One thing is for sure. Statements like that out such players as non-leader material. So we can be thankful for that heads up.

So… lets see. Leadership. None. Why? No vision. Why? Failure of imagination? Why? Fear? Why? No Leaders. Why? No Ireland. Why? No Leaders.



It’s FG parlance
“There is no system more broken than the system of housing in this country. The system is completely broken and needs to be re-built.” - Richard Bruton, Minister for Education, 09/06/16
“The entire housing system needs to be restructured to stop it from breaking again” - Eoghan Murphy, Minister for Housing, 05/09/18


**Dublin’s homelessness crisis jars with narrative of Irish economic boom ** … nomic-boom


Surprised they didn’t show the photo of Margaret and her kids in Tallaght Garda station. Would have been the cherry on top of a piece which gave a big mention to the ‘Brazilian Left Front’


Developer Michael O’Flynn on Sean O’Rourke to propose a solution to the housing crisis. I think this link will work, but you can search RTE Radio 1 for Sean O’Rourke, Wed morning. … #102918669

Basically he’s proposing a use-it-or-lose-it approach to new zoning, where land owners and developers would have to produce joint plans to build decent houses in a sensible time frame. He attributes the current bottleneck to high land prices and land hoarding.


The same Michael O’Flynn who hoarded his finished properties for several years until the market “recovered”. Notably the Elysian but also various sites around Cork city.


The same one