Grappling with the housing crisis: Fresh approaches needed


Not on this story yet but from the above sounds very like previous evictions but with a bit more state organisation behind and more so like how occupy people down at central bank where removed. In that instance reports are that a large group of masked presumably men, bailed out of a van or vans, entered the camp and pulled everyone out of it. Once they had everyone off the site. The Garda suddenly appeared on scene, perfecting timing as all the former occupants where now in the right kind of jurisdiction for the Garda to start arresting etc. etc. Reports were some or all of these assailants where armed but it’s been a while so that detail I can’t remember. Probably historical posts to that affect on the forum. Clearly this wasn’t a Barbara Streisand concert and the story didn’t seem to much traction.

Something like a northern reg could very well be a useful misdirection playing on cultural confirmation bias to muddy the water but the tis purely speculation.

Did I read yesterday this occupation was a property of someone politically connected or have I got this event mixed up i.e. this is a spill over from somewhere else.


you are asserting that young professionals are involved in these illegal occupations?


All kinds of people squat which is irrelevant to the story but maybe not when it comes to fragile agenda’s and narratives.

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Newstalk Pat Kenny
A texter (wonder who? :angry: ) suggested that citizens lease land from the State at market rent and build their own housing.
Pat suggested that would be akin to rates, and said it was a no go, as there would be protests :confused:

However, it eliminates land/house speculation and land as a stored value for personal wealth accumulation, and provides housing, so win-win?
Introducing land rent, Australia’s excellent idea for making houses cheaper


Or the government could release more land to push prices down heavily


Colm McCarthy talks more sense in the Sindo

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I’d say the government (sic) will be sh1tting themselves over this - they’ll find it very difficult to find anybody more incompetent than Eoghan Murphy to appoint to housing. If they want to continue to keep house prices up they may have to appoint a vested interest from outside the elected politicians - can I suggest Tom Parlon?




Glad to see local politics is not dead and buried.

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Karl Deeter collecting examples of Politicians objecting to housing developments


Roughly 400k a house in Tipperary with solar panels and the works

‘They want us to drop our culture and throw it aside’ - Traveller families won’t move into €1.7m homes without stables and land … 94115.html

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I read somewhere this one has an after tax income of 51k and obviously doesn’t have to worry about the opportunity cost of working.

The activists need another poster child. Peter Casey is quite photogenic :angry:


When all the benefits and the HAP payments are added in she gets a little over €50k from the taxpayer/government. Any gratitude?

On being ask what she expects in the budget … 98652.html

The homeless activists/media have gotten all they can out of her, she is of no use to them now.


Galway City Council confirms it gave an affordable house at a discounted price to one of its senior managers – who subsequently rented it out to tenants.
It also sold affordable houses at discount prices to two further staff members. … ate-428562


Domestic abuse victims are not being counted in official homelessness totals because there may be a “political issue” about the number tipping over 10,000, Minister for Children Katherine Zappone said.
(I don’t have a link)
That’s atop all the other fudging of the figures happening


Why would somebody want to include domestic abuse victims in the homeless statistics? In many cases the victim does not want to stay in an unsupervised property where their ex-partner can pop-over for a quick visit to vent their frustrations. Is Zappone using the homeless numbers to push the domestic abuse agenda?

Politics :angry:


Any idea where Gemma O’Doherty gets these figures?


Table 2.9 here for the housing lists point : … ndings.pdf

This shows that 25% of ‘Households’ on the Social Housing lists in 2018 are non nationals - I don’t know which arse cheek she scratched to get the 1 in 3 figure from. Individuals are not disaggregated in housing assessments as far as I know.

If she was looking to go full racist on that stat she would discover 6.9% of Households applying are headed by a non EEA national and a whopping 484 households headed by a refugee are on SH lists out of a national total of 78K households. I presume this doesn’t lend itself to whatever cockamamie agenda she is peddling this week.

is 25% unacceptably high? given immigrants are presumably more likely to be in low income employment and be of family forming age- notwithstanding the fact that Irish people in other EEA countries have reciprocal rights to go on a housing waiting lists.

Maybe next week she can start a ‘kick paddy out of his Camden high rise’ twitter stream…


You’re looking in the wrong hole. As is obvious from the graphic that she tweeted, this number is from an OECD survey on education and migrant children. Here’s a full-size version.

What really distinguishes Ireland is the number of returning foreign-borns i.e. children of returning Irish emigrants. But never mind because that might be the start of a reasonable discussion about migration and you’ll never get that online. :unamused: