Grappling with the housing crisis: Fresh approaches needed


[Help-to-Buy scheme inflated housing prices *SHOcKER * (
Official data shows that 5% FTB have claimed a tax refund of up to €20,000 to offset the cost of buying an expensive property, prompting calls for the scheme to be targeted at more affordable homes. Details of the 4,824 claims paid to date and raise fresh questions about whether the incentive is properly targeted at those who cannot afford to buy, or is simply helping inflate prices.


Shock as tax incentive scheme benefits people who pay a lot of tax.


This is gone past farcical at this stage … 2057833709


I saw from twitter one of the micro parties did a post on housing solutions.

They are probably a little ambitious in what they think is possible in Ireland.


That’s a typical boards thread with more heat than light.

What the local authority is saying is that **if **the tenant cannot find suitable accommodation locally **and ** she chooses not to move on **then **there will be an overholding situation.

This is not something the local authority can either prevent or encourage.

They are sensibly advising the landlord to have their ducks in a row in case it goes legal.



Let them eat cake


Just read all of that.
that TD will be quoted ad nausem at the next election


SDCC could build almost 600 houses in the next 5 years rather than give money which goes to landlords’ pockets.


I suppose you could say he wins the, “Gaming The System” award when it comes to our massively overstated “Homeless” crisis… … 29267.html
*A presumed homeless man staying in a hotel at the expense of the State was found with €12,000 in cash and a further €140,000 in a bank account when he was targeted in a planned operation by the Criminal Assets Bureau. The 39-year-old was targeted as part of an investigation into a criminal gang involved in burglary, theft of plant machinery, and defrauding elderly people on bogus jobs.
Five searches were conducted in Co Wicklow: Two residences in Newtownmountkennedy and two residences in Bray, as well as a professional office in Bray.
It is understood the man was temporarily homeless
and required emergency accommodation and was provided with accommodation in the hotel by State authorities.
He was involved in **a gang, involving members of the Travelling community, *here suspected of burglary, theft of plant machinery and targeting the elderly.


Vancouver declares 5% of homes empty and liable for new tax
After introducing a 20% tax on foreign buyers, the city in western Canada is continuing to tackle housing affordability … or-new-tax


here’s the new kind of living of tomorrow, today!! 8DD in a few decades maybe one could afford their own home … 24620.html


why should property be open to foreign investment?!


Across Asia, foreigners are not allowed to buy land or property, or indeed start a business, without a local partner who is generally required to own 51%+ of the venture.

I assume that this is a hangover from the colonial era when entire countries were owned by wealthy, sometimes absentee, foreigners to the detriment of the local population.

To have experienced that in the past and to allow it occur again would, presumably, be a sign of stupidity…right??? :nin


Not sure if this was posted before but I found it an interesting read … ew-zealand


It’ll help if you believe that lack of profitability is holding back construction in high-demand areas. If there is some other reason (e.g. lag in demand response caused by capacity/funding issues) then it’ll just fill the pockets of the builders.

To take a ridiculous analogy, imagine there’s a progrom on hairdressers which you dodged because you were on holiday in Ayia Napa. You return from hols and there’s a queue round the block to your salon, so you raise prices. If VAT is cut, are you going to cut more hair? No, because you are capacity constrained. It takes time to train up new staff so in the meantime you’ll just get richer.


Anyone for an online course by Trinity on The Economics of the Property Market ? … se-at-tcd/


Owners of vacant sites in towns and villages in Co Galway are having annual levies imposed
3% of the value of the lands from 2019
7% from January 2020 … in-county/


How long before we have CoBuy speeddating events to meet an investment partner to buy a house/investment to live in?


Government claims it has cut apartment build costs by 15% … -1.3458672