Grappling with the housing crisis: Fresh approaches needed


Anyone for an online course by Trinity on The Economics of the Property Market ? … se-at-tcd/


Owners of vacant sites in towns and villages in Co Galway are having annual levies imposed
3% of the value of the lands from 2019
7% from January 2020 … in-county/


How long before we have CoBuy speeddating events to meet an investment partner to buy a house/investment to live in?


Government claims it has cut apartment build costs by 15% … -1.3458672


I’m sure they have independent stats to back this up???


Speaking of independent stats, here’s today’s stat from Charlie Weston - which he selflessly attributed to the CSO, I’m guessing he miscalculated 1.1% as 11% or some such.
An annualised increase of 204000 euro on an average house wasn’t enough to raise an eyebrow for the Indo staffers. … 00026.html

“Average house prices jump almost €17,000 in just one month - CSO”


I honest to God thought he was incorrect but…

Table HPM03
Mean Sale Price (Euro)
2018M02: 290,793
2018M01: 273,898


I was too harsh on the indo, the article misrepresents the market but not as simple a mistake as I guessed. And it still will needlessly panic some buyers.

It’s mean versus median, mean went up 17k median around 1k. So more expensive houses sold in Feb than Jan.


In February an apartment in Cork soldfor a cool €12.1m

Or someone made a data entry error and forgot to put in a decimal point for a sale of €121,566.33.

You decide!


Finland’s solution – give houses to the homeless.


And give free money to the poor, there you go all the worlds problems sorted!!


Colm McCarthy writes in the Sunday Indo with his usual incisiveness, and a damning conclusion:


This should scare a lot more small landlords out of the market … 14556.html

And what will this do for supply…nothing, zilch, zero.


Anyone willing to bet the proposal to make it a criminal offense to increase rents by more than 4% in RPZ makes it into the bill :laughing:


Unless you are or have been a public servant or office holder or have proven family ties to same.


Yeah, that ought to work alright. The same way the residential property price register was supposed to save us from idiots bidding 20% above the “value” of a property. Because all you need to do to stop people going nuts in a starved market is tell them what the last punter paid.
The minister oughta study the lessons of right now, before he moves on to advanced stuff like learning the lessons of history. XX


I believe the government would not be wise to allow a defense lawyer challenge the constitutionality of rent caps.


Murphy reckoned on the News at One that he wants to see ‘more professional and larger landlords’. So business as usual from FG on this score.



Why are there no non-profit building societies in Ireland? Or have I just not seen any?
A lot of rental stock in Germany or Austria has been and is being built and managed by such societies.

You would think that there’s some appetite and room for that in Ireland.