Grappling with the housing crisis: Fresh approaches needed


It’s not a housing crisis. It’s an apartment crisis … -1.3620944


From a building point of view the Elysian seemed to be finished and units were being sold in 2008,

The article you linked to makes the point he needed cash to fit out the apartments for rental, but that wouldn’t have stopped them being sold to people who’d have done that fit out themselves.

“The Irish Times has learned that Blackstone has given Mr O’Flynn €5 million to fit out 137 apartments, which would then be made available to the market for rent”

The 5m he borrowed works out @ 36k per apartment, which is what you’d expect to get a builders finish apartment up a higher spec rental ready finish (kitchens, floors, bathrooms, etc.).

On other sites around the city, Belfield on Boreenamanna road was complete around 2008 as well, as were similar houses in Ballincollig and Rochestown.
Probably looking at 200+ properties in total. I know people who put in 66%-75% of 2008 price offers on these houses and were knocked back by Sherry Fitz and told O’Flynn wouldn’t accept the offer - it appeared Sherry Fitz weren’t passing offers to NAMA.

The Belfield houses when finally sold at nearer to 2008 prices in the last couple years only needed a repaint and the kind of snagging you’d expect from houses empty for almost 10 years.

That’s hoarding in my view.


Good to see that some city leaders do not want to see such poky accommodation being supplied, OK for the odd night but unacceptable for living in!


40sqm is far lower than anything allowed in Ireland.

Some people value personal space (no matter how cramped) over having to share with others. Cultural norms in Asia are very different and people happily live in much smaller spaces.


For studio apartments it’s 37 m2, which is much larger that the poky 2.4 m2 proposed in Barcelona. … s_2018.pdf


Does an extra foot of height in an apartment add much cost? It can make a small ish apartment feel bigger and is probably better for air too


Probably add up to 5% to the costs of materials & labour as an extra course of blocks per floor would be needed plus all the other materials to build that extra 30cm of wall per floor. The walls are one of the cheaper parts of the construction.


Footage across social media last evening and this morning of balaclava clad private operators attacking and evicting squatters from a house on Frederick Street in Dublin. Numerous balaclava clad Gardai providing the unidentified thugs with a protective cordon. There are suggestions that the men who entered the premises are loyalists from the north but this is unconfirmed. Their vehicle was a northern reg van.

6 squatters/protesters were taken into custody and brought to store street Garda station. A large mob then walked to the station and entered it demanding their release …which appears to have acceded to …but is not 100% from the footage.

The optics are very very bad and look like something from famine times. There is a serious issue around housing in this city and a viable solution is required before this mushrooms and becomes something else. I don’t think most of you lot appreciate that there is a huge number of people under 40, many of whom are in jobs, including many so called professionals, who have nothing to lose on this issue. Nada. And they are naturally open to any form of solution at present.


Not on this story yet but from the above sounds very like previous evictions but with a bit more state organisation behind and more so like how occupy people down at central bank where removed. In that instance reports are that a large group of masked presumably men, bailed out of a van or vans, entered the camp and pulled everyone out of it. Once they had everyone off the site. The Garda suddenly appeared on scene, perfecting timing as all the former occupants where now in the right kind of jurisdiction for the Garda to start arresting etc. etc. Reports were some or all of these assailants where armed but it’s been a while so that detail I can’t remember. Probably historical posts to that affect on the forum. Clearly this wasn’t a Barbara Streisand concert and the story didn’t seem to much traction.

Something like a northern reg could very well be a useful misdirection playing on cultural confirmation bias to muddy the water but the tis purely speculation.

Did I read yesterday this occupation was a property of someone politically connected or have I got this event mixed up i.e. this is a spill over from somewhere else.


you are asserting that young professionals are involved in these illegal occupations?


All kinds of people squat which is irrelevant to the story but maybe not when it comes to fragile agenda’s and narratives.

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Newstalk Pat Kenny
A texter (wonder who? :angry: ) suggested that citizens lease land from the State at market rent and build their own housing.
Pat suggested that would be akin to rates, and said it was a no go, as there would be protests :confused:

However, it eliminates land/house speculation and land as a stored value for personal wealth accumulation, and provides housing, so win-win?
Introducing land rent, Australia’s excellent idea for making houses cheaper


Or the government could release more land to push prices down heavily


Colm McCarthy talks more sense in the Sindo

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I’d say the government (sic) will be sh1tting themselves over this - they’ll find it very difficult to find anybody more incompetent than Eoghan Murphy to appoint to housing. If they want to continue to keep house prices up they may have to appoint a vested interest from outside the elected politicians - can I suggest Tom Parlon?




Glad to see local politics is not dead and buried.

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Karl Deeter collecting examples of Politicians objecting to housing developments


Roughly 400k a house in Tipperary with solar panels and the works

‘They want us to drop our culture and throw it aside’ - Traveller families won’t move into €1.7m homes without stables and land … 94115.html