Grappling with the housing crisis: Fresh approaches needed


Why would somebody want to include domestic abuse victims in the homeless statistics? In many cases the victim does not want to stay in an unsupervised property where their ex-partner can pop-over for a quick visit to vent their frustrations. Is Zappone using the homeless numbers to push the domestic abuse agenda?

Politics :angry:


Any idea where Gemma O’Doherty gets these figures?


Table 2.9 here for the housing lists point : … ndings.pdf

This shows that 25% of ‘Households’ on the Social Housing lists in 2018 are non nationals - I don’t know which arse cheek she scratched to get the 1 in 3 figure from. Individuals are not disaggregated in housing assessments as far as I know.

If she was looking to go full racist on that stat she would discover 6.9% of Households applying are headed by a non EEA national and a whopping 484 households headed by a refugee are on SH lists out of a national total of 78K households. I presume this doesn’t lend itself to whatever cockamamie agenda she is peddling this week.

is 25% unacceptably high? given immigrants are presumably more likely to be in low income employment and be of family forming age- notwithstanding the fact that Irish people in other EEA countries have reciprocal rights to go on a housing waiting lists.

Maybe next week she can start a ‘kick paddy out of his Camden high rise’ twitter stream…


You’re looking in the wrong hole. As is obvious from the graphic that she tweeted, this number is from an OECD survey on education and migrant children. Here’s a full-size version.

What really distinguishes Ireland is the number of returning foreign-borns i.e. children of returning Irish emigrants. But never mind because that might be the start of a reasonable discussion about migration and you’ll never get that online. :unamused:


Last year foreign born mothers had 27% of the children here. You can splutter all you want about a few percentage points but its certainly notable a mono-ethnic country just at the turn of the century going down this path with not only no public consultation but a media aghast at the Irish discussing their own self interest.
21K non EEA nationals entered Ireland in the last 12 months net, 120K non Irish given the piece of toilet paper that is now our citizenship over the last few years, in the midst of a housing crisis?, you have then the govt organising all sorts of scab migrant labour for local gombeen men in this country and builders on about getting more non-EEA cheap labour to “fix” the housing crisis. Greasy till merchants and slumlords run Ireland.




I rest my case.


You’ve no case in this instance.


The Guardian publishes a sobering read on our housing crisis


With it’s usual lefty slant but not a bad article. They’ve got all the usual suspects in there from Rory Hearne to Erica Fleming. And a reference to FG as centre-right :unamused:

But for all the many reasons they outline for the housing crisis in Dublin, they even mentioned Germany’s issues, there’s not a single mention of one very large contributing factor but I wouldn’t have expected any less from the Guardian.


‘UK housebuilding revolution’: £65,000 prefab homes go into production

Sounds impressive. You have to read down a few paragraphs before you get to where it doesn’t include land and connections to services, which can double or triple the cost. And how traditional customer tastes are for brick facades which are added on site and can add weeks to the delivery time. Translated into the Irish scenario, you could easily see them being back in the €400k category in no time.


Modular build is also popular in Germany were, outside the major cities, housing is very cheap.

It is not pretty to look at but people tend to like paying less for things I find.


This sounds like a step in the right direction: … 06251.html


The irony of a local authority manager raising money for a homelessness charity
He has responsibility for housing under legislation, yet…
Only in Ireland


It is now over three years since I called for “Emergency” interventions into home construction in Dublin. The grinding incompetence is beyond a joke now. :frowning: … ck#p845338

Since then the (then) incipient emergency has moved along to Cork and Galway cities as well and will probably spread to Limerick by next year. :frowning:


O’Flynn was on Newstalk just after 8am arguing again for the Central Bank lending rules to be relaxed. He accused Shane Coleman of exaggerating the issue when Coleman mentioned 5 or 6 times salary…O’Flynn only wants to go to 4.5 times! He reckons this will help couples who are struggling and who have a right to escape their miserable existences in the rental sector.
Also reckons the CB rules are holding back the supply of houses.
Well worth listening back to to realise how close we are to a repeat of the past.

The radio interview was on the back of this piece in the Indo … 84051.html


In the 70’s the council built the house, and gave you the mortgage to buy it.
The houses were also much smaller.


That’s taking the piss, surely? :wink:



I was told once by an architectural technician over a pint that council houses up north were bigger than normally expected, or at least some in Catholic areas were bigger and all down to intervention by John Hume.

I also happened to be in one once. A big family got a decent sized corner unit.

I know of no comparable council units of previous era and stock in the south.

Even a good deal of privately owned 4 bed houses would seem poky in comparison to these nordy council gaffs.


so as predicted, NAMA is seeking to continue on for a few more years