Grappling with the housing crisis: Fresh approaches needed


Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Social Skyscraper in Kinnegad :joy:. Can’t think of any obstacles to your vision.



Here is a repeat of my post here from Late 2018 which was a repeat of my previous post from 2015

"It is now over three years since I called for “Emergency” interventions into home construction in Dublin. The grinding incompetence is beyond a joke now. :frowning: … ck#p845338

Since then the (then) incipient emergency has moved along to Cork and Galway cities as well and will probably spread to Limerick by next year. :frowning: "


Fckin incredible isn’t. Or not.

Guilty by design.


Sean Barrett blames the housing crisis on low productivity in construction, abetted by endemic cost overruns in the Public Capital Programme. He proposes that

Each spending minister should shed 20pc to 25pc of prestige capital spending from his or her department in order to build houses.

He knows this is a non-runner. Name the last Minister who voluntarily abandoned a major spending project?
Capital spending was slashed during the austerity period - we always jettison investment before we cut current spending - but I think the only major project which was dropped when funds were available was BertieBowl. That was only because Michael McDowell took against it and Bertie still needed the PDs after the 2002 election.