Grappling with the housing crisis: Fresh approaches needed


Infant mortality has a massive effect on life expectancy. We had an exceptionally high infant mortality in 1916 (for instance) with 81.3 per 1000 babies dying before the age of 12 months. I think there used to be also a good few deaths before the age of 5 too. If you got to be an adult you would generally live to a decent enough age in the past. It’s the children dying that shortened the life expectancy so much as it’s based on an average. I am open to be corrected on this as I haven’t looked into that in years but as best as I can remember this is the case.


Infant and child mortality was a terrible scourge until the mid-20th. Century. People today have little appreciation of the dark shadow which it cast across most families in Ireland in earlier generations. And the treatment of childhood diseases had a dramatic impact on life expectancy here between the 1920s and 1950s. But the improvement in life expectancy in recent decades has been mainly due to older people living longer.

In Ireland

life-expectancy rose by 4.5 years for men and 4 years for women between 2000 and 2010. However, in more recent years the gains in life-expectancy have slowed down considerably. Mortality trends over the last decade show that cancer related diseases remain the leading cause of death, causing some 9,000 deaths in 2018. Notwithstanding, the death rate from cancer has decreased by 10% between 2009 and 2018. While diseases of the circulatory system denote the second largest cause of death in 2018, death rates in this area have decreased by 25% in the last decade (2009-2018).

Sadly, more and more elderly people live their final years in poor health. Most of our health budget is spent on ageing people who have no prospect of recovery to full health e.g. they suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia. There’s another basic fact you won’t hear In all the politicians and media palaver about healthcare.


A Safe and “fresh” approach.

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Chinese millionaires invest in a privately-owned property company to build social housing the State pays tenants rent for - but will never own - and the State gives the Chinese investors residency in Ireland. Got it? Alice in Wonderland economics #rtept #HousingCrisis #Migration



The wait for getting a home of one’s own is increasing, with the average age at which a person leaves the parental home now at 28 – and the average age of first-time buyers now 34, it has emerged.

While Casino Hall is concerned about another crash:

David Hall, of the Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation, said the BPFI projection is a ‘big concern’ for prospective home buyers, adding that 2024 is going to be a ‘very optimistic time frame’ for recovery, given the reduction in properties built during the pandemic. He added: ‘There’s no doubt there is an undercurrent of nervousness in relation to another crash.’

FG and FF are said to be nonplussed about the matter


Now with Extra Added POLL - Vote Regularly, Vote Often! How Much of the Dublin Housing List is Foreign Born?


One mans fresh approach was illegal, pity we don’t have pictures of the inside, with the way rents are, he wouldn’t have to live on board for long to reach the breakeven point financially


As posted previously. You can house yourself for €2K in a used mobile home but they State will take it away, it is illegal to house yourself by your own means, even if you own the land or have permission to be on the land.

The root of multi-millennial homelessness
The root of multi-millennial emigration
The root of the multi-genrational multi-millennial housing crisises, is:


It has flown and flies under many flags: :uk::ireland::rainbow_flag::united_nations:

Seize the State.

Change the game.


In his evidence Mr Hourigan said he accepts he has to leave but said he has been unable to find somewhere to rent.

“All I want is a one-bed apartment,” he said.

Seeking to have the matter finalised, solicitor Will Leahy said the original enforcement notice was served on Mr Hourigan in November 2017 and, he said, he is entitled to Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) of around €600 per month but has not applied.


The judge placed a three-month stay on the prison sentence to give the defendant “a bit of time to get your house in order”.


Imagine. Jailing people who house themselves. The optics are not great.

Jail is not exactly the most cost effect housing solution for this man but the state could say they have solved this individuals housing crisis on one level. :whistle:

Yes yes this was on council land, but isn’t that know as squatting?

These things are not unusual in law or history. Though a lot of laws were changed to deal with “travellers”. while not familiar the Stateextra powers in details for such instances, but in the past people have managed to bring councils to heel by successfully “squatting”.

Did I read it correctly this guy works for the council? Maybe that was another story.

Meanwhile, here is a headline and news story you will not see:

Calls for Councils to Open Unused Land To Solve Housing Needs

Calls for Councils across Ireland to open unused Lands to Mobile Home, Caravan, Camper Van and Tent owners as a Rapid Emergency Measures to the hundreds years long running house housing crisis has met with deep resistance within all political parties and council chambers.

Housing refugees born on the Island say they are victim of the States belligerent actions with their basic human needs ignored, many will either have to face death of emigrate…

BYOM/C/CV/T cost the state hardly nuttin’ happy days! :gargled:

Perhaps this lad should have self identified as a protected species of snail and a EPA report and what not would have to be undertaken before anyone could move.


He hasn’t been jailed yet though…

Let me ask, which housing crisis is worse, the oversupply or undersupply of housing?


There is no shortage of housing on this island. There is only a shortage of available housing.


Be nice if we could agree to remove the ban on shortages of crises.




Depends who you ask. If it is the State, both are equally worse and must be eradicated by importing more people at all costs to reach optimum market stasis.



“Everything is on the table. This is no longer just a money issue. This is complex and there is a concerted effort to finally get to grips with this,” a senior Government source told the newspaper.

That’s a solid plan to failing at addressing anything root.

What it looks like is the opening salvo to justify action they want to take to build for the imported millions planned to replace the native population. You are talking 30 years messing’ around with most of these things, and longer, but let’s say 30 years of constant failure.

The only thing that ever seem to work was cheap money. So DRUGS. The only thing that ever worked to solve housing supply issue in Ireland was DRUGS.

Yep, overall smells like even more power grabsky:

It is estimated there is an overall potential market of up to 90,000 vacant or underutilised units.

The Government will also seek to bring forward measures to force action on 80,000 unused planning permissions granted in the past five years.

Half of those unused permissions are in Dublin, equating to four years of supply for the capital.

:carrot: and/or :joystick: ?


Cancel Culture meets Property Rights

Sure how about another peoples commission eh? What could go wrong?

They are after all, Safe & Effective. :partying_face:

It’s a very subtle play but yea you have a right to housing, housing we choose for you, housing you never own… etc. etc.

Property is actually an inalienable right, as it turns out.


As we move inexorably towards public acceptance of the principle that your right to housing is based solely on your moral entitlement to be housed rather than the ownership or ability to pay for the use of residential property we can be sure at least that the problem of oversupply of housing will be solved forever.


Yes indeed, so many problems solved a lot more to solve.


The housing plan also aims to encourage older people currently living in larger family homes of three to five bedrooms to downsize and “unlock” the properties for younger families.

“Thousands of elderly people are still living in the family home, even though the kids are up and gone, and we need to unlock those sort of houses for younger families," said the source.

“Thousands of homes could be freed up each year.”

Dignity deaths, they have the dignity deaths conveyor belt now. Who’ll ever know the nurse over egged the injection with too many CC’s of this or that, or one too many genetic injection put you over the line, sure it was your time, and dingily waits for no gender and we should welcome a breakout and surge of dignity, at least, yes at least we’ll free up beds, and down the line housing as the supply pipeline ripple effect is felt, the pipeline is cleaned up and Johnny-rest-of-world+family+village, will truly thank us all for surrendering our white-housing-family-supremacy-privilege on the alter of progressivism.

What a new dawn that will be.