Grappling with the housing crisis: Fresh approaches needed


Property Power Grab Confirmed:

So the “fresh” approach is more Tyranny! :banana:

Martin now sees housing as the key challenge for his administration

“Fianna Fáil went into government because there are big challenges out there . . . housing is the number one, as far as I’m concerned. It’s the social issue of our generation…

…I want to deal with housing as I would deal with Covid.”

Behind paywall but reddit have the full thing in this threadál_martin_interview_mistakes_get_made_in_a/

As long as it’s SAFE & EFFECTIVE housing Martin, as long as it’s safe & effective, what could go wrong… :dipso:



IMO, unfortunately there is a larger global capital and central bank dynamic that is mostly outside of “our” governments (or more precisely, the current political establishments) control, so, calls for the government to this, or that to solve the housing “crisis” will have little real effect on actual policy.
The result of all this is that governments appear to now look, act and behave more like a management class rather than an elected government of the citizens.
(Same in many countries now it seems.)


Totally agree the government take their marching orders from elsewhere. For economics, COVID management, climate change bills, immigration, other societal changes (gender etc.) etc.



Yet the central banks continue to buy mortgage backed securities by the trillion. The system is so corrupt now that total collapse is the only vaguely equitable solution we have left to us.