Grasmere, Westminster Road, Foxrock (-4.3m, -63.7%)

5.25m here (Daphne L Kaye) … 18/437000/

3.25m here (Knight Frank) … LOUT393188 … e83c40e74a

This house has a history… … 60915.html

It was bought by a small sndicate around the top who split the site and built some large det houses. Not hearing stories about its roaring success.

Was asking “€6.75 million in 2007” according to:

Hopes may rise on the Grasmere? Definitely time to panic, pinsters.

Now 1.65m … 18/2117937

Does this include the same amount of grounds as for the prices above?

HAZELMERE sold for €2.45m

Sold for c 1.7m

Really good fit out standard but back garden small

Sold for 1.775m … and-67529/