Greater fool watch

We are watching prices and EAs and developers. I think we need to watch punters as well. People are still displaying a remarkable lack of critical thinking skills.

From AAM:

ya s’pose?

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Thats just amazing, if you’re going to loball …go low…but 5k …jeeze…we’re in this thing for the long haul with fools like this out there.

I’d say the EA and vendor could believe their luck.
I suppose there is always 1

shows how nervous people are to take on the seller to lower their prices, they were probably sweating themselves to suggests an offer below the asking price as people think it “is not done”.

If you are going to lowball, lowball in style.

That’s nothing. I’ve been watching this thread in horror for the last two weeks.

Posted on the 4th this month;

And this 2 days ago;

I bet the EA couldn’t believe his luck.

Yeah right Ted