Greece's islands will not be offered as loan collateral...

''Greece’s islands will not be offered as loan collateral, warns prime minister"
Sounds like what I thought were tongue-in-cheek remarks about selling West Cork to the Germans in return for a couple of billion euros may not be so far fetched.
The Greeks are under pressure to put up some real collateral for Europe’s all conquering Franco-German empire.

How much of Ireland would we need to give up for a €100Bn? What would we sell? I’m thinking we reinstate our claim to Northern Ireland immediately and sell this territorial ‘going concern’ on to the Germans. Throw in Rockall as a sweetener too. Everyone’s happy.

Too true - the Brits would give us a good few billion just to get that albatross off their necks too :smiley:

Have you not seen the for sale sign over Coillte?

This is all going to end badly.

Thats true. From potatoes to patents they will take the collective productive output of this sorry oul’ sod and flog it to buy adult daipers for the german and french baby boomer pensioners who bet it all on plucky paddy and his feckless nudge-wink economy.

I foresee a future of McDonald’s outlets in the Acropolis and the Colosseum.
Welcome to the beautiful brutal future of capitalism.

I predict violent conflict

You are in fact the Kaiser Chiefs and I claim my five pounds

Oops! :blush: