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Hey, I thought we had the bigger proportional amount of bonds?

Sure it’s only Greece,its not like there has been a mad broad based government and personal debt bubble fuelled by ludicrously low ECB interest rates across the whole of Europe now is there?,s01=1.html?nclick_check=1

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If only they could find some Wall St. type to buy their bonds, someone like Gordon…Greco! :blush:

Fitch have downgraded to BBB+
S&P have on creditwatch negative.
Moody’s have on double secret probabation with knobs on.

All aboard the Contagion Express? :open_mouth:

I don’t think a Garda strike would help matters here either. Either way I’ve got my looting kit packed and ready to go 8DD … -the-word/
Greek 10 years out to 5.4%

Lovely words from the finance minister:

“I’ve said all these things telling you it’ll be fine and then I go and spoil it all by saying you can’t believe a word I say…”

I’m torn between “Don’t believe a word” and “Grease”…

Oh well, inner gay time…

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

“Man in blazing house warns of smoke rising from neighbour’s garden shed”

Sterling is on borrowed time.

Thanks for the miss whip back into shape!

Greece has just made it in to the top 10 most likely to default soverigns

Entity Mid Spread CPD (%)
Venezuela 1321.86 59.42
Ukraine 1349.90 55.25
Argentina 1059.57 50.53
Pakistan 687.50 36.24
Dubai 596.32 33.62
Latvia 551.49 30.77
Iceland 397.36 23.48
Lithuania 321.25 19.59
California 238.50 18.65
Greece 228.83 18.04

:open_mouth: Thats about 130% of their alleged GDP.

Is Greece’s public sector debt really €300bn?! A nation of under 12 million people with a debt like that puts our debt into perspective.

Yeah, we’re a nation of 4 mn people with a debt of 106.7bn… excluding NAMA…

But hey, we’re loike rully rully productive, so loike ur GDP per cap-it-a is crackin’…

300bn - 12m, 106bn - 4m.

So we’re worse off, (excluding NAMA).


Greece is a mess, while they may ( just about ) have correctly told us an approximation of their debt the simple fact is that you can trust nothing the Greeks came out with. Greek official statistics are cooked on an epic scale.

The last time the Greeks were caught hard at it was when Eurostat went after them over their ‘deficit’ figures.

Eurostat published this fascinating summary of their dealing with the Greeks exactly 5 years ago. Evidently the Greeks did not care what Eurostat thought of them and carried on cooking the books since. … ECE-EN.PDF

In a nutshell , lies , damn lies, statistics, Greeks.