Green Convention on NAMA coming up...

Following up on the good work done by Open Window, find below the contacts for the Green Party TDs and Senators. This is where it’s at. The Greens will have thier Special convention next month and we must exert as much pressure as possible on each one of them to rethink thier position on NAMA. Gogarty and White have open minds on the subject still.

Note that I have only included thier phone numbers. Emails are great and OW’s work kicked off a great compaign (see Pat Rabbitt on the back page of the Sindo today). But stacks of phone calls coming into thier offices over the next few weeks will have a far higher impact. They are honour bound to return your call if they can not take it when you first call.

Ciarán Cuffe ( TD ) 01 618 3082
Paul Gogarty ( TD ) 01 6183022, 01 6219966 (Lucan)
John Gormley ( TD ) 01 8882403
Eamon Ryan ( TD ) 01 6183097
Trevor Sargent ( TD )01-8900360, 01-6183465 (Dail)
Mary White ( TD ) Dáil: 01 618 3865, Carlow: 059 917 3721 Kilkenny: 056 77 77 285
Dan Boyle ( Senator ) 021 4704238, 01 6184227 Dail
Deirdre de Burca ( Senator )01 274 5402 (constituency office) 01 618 3513 (Seanad Éireann)

Another pinster kerrynorth i think posted a list of local Green groups that will vote at the convention.
A good idea would be to make them aware that voters in your area are against the Greens supporting NAMA

The Green Party is organised on a countrywide constituency basis. Virtually all policy decisions have to be circulated to local groups, and agreed by them. Subsequently, each local group is entitled to send a delegate to the National Council meetings, which meet at least four times per year to discuss and adopt policy. Policy decisions are usually taken by consensus but under certain circumstances may be referred to a vote and where necessary the ‘Preferendum’ voting procedure is used.

I understand that they won’t have been given the Valuations Mechanism - the MOST important aspect of NAMA - until AFTER their special convention is over, so it’s all going to be a bit pointless.

The Greens should start deluging John Gormley with phone calls, e-mails, letters, etc., and insisting they be given the Valuations Mechanism prior to their conference.

Anything else is an insult to their collective intelligence.

The valuations process is one aspect. The more fundamental problem for greens is that NAMA socialises losses while leavign profits privatised. The tax payer should not be the first port of call in solving the banks problems, the bondholders should be.

Sorry lads, but the whole effort is pointless. The Greens have been bought, and Lenihan has just confirmed it.

No property tax or water charges in next Budget. Priority is Carbon Tax.

Absolutely spot on there.

Nail. On. Head.

For all of you who missed this posting over the weekend…I’m bringing it tot he top of the pile again. We need to pile the pressure on the greens. See the list of phone numbers in my oiginal post. If you just phone one of them it is better than emailing the whole Oireachtas. They have to return your call. I konw this from past experience. So you will get to speak to Paul Gogarty, Mary White or who ever you choose to contact.

Do try, as per Open Window’s original plan, to extract an answer from them. Yes or No are they in favour of NAMA.

Go for it.

At this stage the debate within the Greens is heating up. I’ve pasted the contacts below again. One phone per person reading this message is all that it will take to make a big impact. As I say they are honour bound to take your call or get back to you when they can. Ministers sometimes don’t - they have the excuse that they are concentrating on department stuff, but TDs will typically get bak to you. Post any feedback on this thread.

Ciarán Cuffe ( TD ) 01 618 3082
Paul Gogarty ( TD ) 01 6183022, 01 6219966 (Lucan)
John Gormley ( TD ) 01 8882403
Eamon Ryan ( TD ) 01 6183097
Trevor Sargent ( TD )01-8900360, 01-6183465 (Dail)
Mary White ( TD ) Dáil: 01 618 3865, Carlow: 059 917 3721 Kilkenny: 056 77 77 285
Dan Boyle ( Senator ) 021 4704238, 01 6184227 Dail
Deirdre de Burca ( Senator )01 274 5402 (constituency office) 01 618 3513 (Seanad Éireann)

FFS, what am I supposed to say to these twits?

Ask them whether the NAMA bonds will be printed on recycled paper?



Ask them it they think NAMA is just, fair.

Ask them if NAMA will sort the essential problem of oversupply of houses shops etc.

Ask them if they are happy to be the ones to hand it all back to the very people that fucked us up in the first place.

Ask them if they ever heard of bondholders and what part they should play in restoring the banks balance sheets.

Ask them if they think the bondholders should swap thier bonds for shares.

Unfortunately, Greens are brainwashed by FF and they think that NAMA will work if proper haircut will be used and all documents will be printed with ecology-friendly inks.
I have spoken with few Greens and my impression that they will support NAMA

Unfortunately that has been my experience too. However it is important that we try everything and keep trying to the last. It looks like thier convention is not untill October, so that leaves lots of time to change thier minds.

I for one will persist with calls to all of them.

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So : they want a better nama with market values paid…but not nationalisation.
they want their vegan cake and to eat it also. Do they still not cop that market values (even todays market values) would hopelessly bust the banks and result in the state having to step in?
Are they naieve or stupid or just confused?

The important point here is that the Greens have rejected paying over market value for bank loans. The two lead options both go against this.

This is the biggest blow yet to NAMA.

…patience Body of Evidence. It’s aprocess. We can be very thankful that they Greens had a preferendum. All other parties would just ‘endorse the parlimentary party’…

It’s a long tough process, but the haggling done in Athlone has effectively destroyed NAMA. It may appear that the greens fail to grasp the essential NAMA concept by saying the they approve NAMA but will only pay market prices…yes this is a total contradiction, but it was arrived at by concensus from the floor. It may look ugly but believe me the end of NAMA is in sight.

No most people are confused with regard to NAMA. The whole thing is supposed to overpay for loans because that’s what the banks need. The government refuses to describe it in those terms instead going for “long term economic value” where that value just happens to be what the banks need to stay solvent. People are naturally running with this concept and trying to produce better/more accurate LTEV calculations without understanding they’re merely the thin layer of credibility the ECB needs to front the cash for it.

Yes, they are all of that, it comes from being on the left of the political spectrum.

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