Green motion to require TDs to declare property loans ??

Green motion to require TDs to declare property loans -> … 47817.html

FF and the Greens are like a married couple on the inevitable road to divorce, but out of spite are determined to cause as much hurt and pain to each other as they can, regardless of the pain it causes themselves. It’s very entertaining, but for heaven’s sake, think of the children!


cos rules have worked in the past :unamused:

Why on earth would a branch of the Green Party be against Metro North. Do they only want bicycles or what? Nuts

RTFM… or RTFA as it is in this case.

Really, is this the standard of our educators? :wink:

I wonder does the Metro run underneath Dublin Central?
Would potential constituents of Mr Fitzgerald be opposing quality public transport for the usual NIMBY reasons?
I’m sure it’s a coincidence.

Also, is this the same Green member Gary Fitzgerald that reported the Willie O’Dea affair to the Gardai in the Bridewell?
He’s good at getting his name out in easily digestible soundbites is this guy.

Dublin Bus needs competition to keep manners on them. You would think it inefficient to run two competing systems but when you only have one they get lazy. Also, buses run on roads, roads have other traffic. So unless you are going to build a dedicated bus network (which would probably cost the same as rail) like for instance Brisbane’s, then buses become less attractive to cars.